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Web Site Update for 2014

This web site host and domain name is currently in my name and secured for the 2014-2015 years   Photos are posted in one size only.  Anyone attending an Orange Acres event is welcome to take photos and forward to me for possible Web posting.  If any Orange Acres resident is interested in helping with this web site,  positions are open!

Judy Marian        

Chaplain Kevin

Chaplain Kevin Hackett
For all spiritual needs:  1-877-322-2427 Ext 4253 

January 7, 2014 - Tuesday

Jane Betts reporter

On this cold Winter morning, Gary musically warmed 72 of Orange Acres' weather ignorers, coffee lovers,  friend finders and fact followers!

President Dave Burrows is "under-the-weather", so his VP, Jane Betts opened the meeting and Chaplain Kevin offered warm words of praise and prayer to start our day properly.

Judy Marian presented a very informative program on the meanings of "sell by dates" and how "fresh is fresh" dates and other good facts for  health and happy!  All information was warmly received.  Thank you!

We had a sunny WELCOME for 11 returned residents.  There were no guests, no new residents and nobody leaving.

Musical birthday greetings were warmly received by Ruth Hostetler, Joan Worden and our very special VP Jane Betts.

Charlene Sherman brought hot-off-the-press news of our friends and neighbors--see Sunshine report!


Linda Burrows presented news of the March pot luck and received a positive response.  She and Dave will bring us Sonny's Bar-B-Q and entertainment on March 6 at 6:00 pm for $10.00 per person.

Bob Beauregard reminded us of the Whist part on January 16, Thursday, at 7:00 pm.  All welcome.

Mary Ryman wants: (1) good attendance at the FMO meeting on January 13, Monday, 1:00 pm, our clubhouse; (2) cookies for that meeting; (3) a REP helper - call her; (4) all to know that your $22.00 annual dues will give access to facts for Florida home owners!

Joan Russell is chairman of our 50th anniversary party and is grateful for all her helpers.  We will honor four couples on January 31 at 7:00 pm.  Please sign up for attendance and bring your cards of congratulations on that night.

Reuel Detweiler, rep for Homeowners Corporation, announced the annual meeting on January 28 (Change your calendar, originally scheduled Jan. 21)  immediate following coffee.  There will be a reminder of that meeting at your door soon.

Barb Brown served up warm welcome news re: Feb Pot Luck--Soup, Salad, Sandwiches!  Posters are coming--sign up now!

Phil Albarano reported a successful Christmas re-sell table.  Thank you, Anlee Welker.  Important reminder - 9:30 am Thursday, January 9--Flea Market agenda - Everyone come!  Please check your data with Phil or Elaine for upcoming new Snow Bird Directory.


Pancake Breakfast next Tuesday, January 14th at 7:30 am--be sure you are signed up and bring $2.50

Vesper Service this Sunday at 7:00 pm.  Rev. Joe Stump will lead us.  There will be a remembrance of residents who have passed.  Help is needed Saturday at 1:00 pm to set up chairs.

A warm thought for all from Jane--"People are in greater need of our praise when they try and fail, than when they try and succeed.  Praise is just letting off a little esteem!"

December 31 - Tuesday

Jane Betts, reporter

This morning, the last notes of the year were beautifully played by Gary for the 61 of us to enjoy.

Three 50/50 winners bid the old year a happy "good-buy!"

President Dave Burrows opened the meeting and introduced Chaplain Kevin who ended our year together with a heartfelt prayer.

We had the gift of returned residents, the Gullicks and two birthday boys, Bob Wiskeman and Gill Forrler.  Party time---you're all in Orange Acres!

Charlene spread her Sunshine with "resolutions"-- see report, please.


Shirley Dodd reminded The Red Hats of the 1/13/2014 luncheon at Don Pablo's.  Please sign up.

Elaine Albarano gave a welcomed update on Doreen, the Delaney's daughter.  There are bits of improvement in her condition and prayers are needed.  Mike and Jean will return to us later this week.  Please see Sunshine report for further details.

Caroline turner thanked us all for the BEAUTIFUL luminary display.  A huge number were on display--6,000 to 8,000 bags used!!!

Edna Mongeau praised all her helpers for the Christmas dinner--she was our gift!  Also, a NO BINGO this Wednesday reminder--restart January 8, 2014.

Phil Albarano needs our help for a successful Flea Market.  On Thursday, January 9 at 9:30 am at club house -- a meeting to organize all activities and workers.  EVERYONE please ATTEND!!  There is no more space for large items but small "treasures" still accepted.  February 12, after Bingo -- all hands needed for set up!!! That means YOU!!!

New Year's bells and whistles to Phil and Elaine for many long hours spent on the Snow Bird Directory--next Tuesday after coffee - or before - please check your data for any corrections and a greatly improved format will be available in March!!


Pancake breakfast on Tuesday, January 14, 2014,  7:30 - 8:00 am--PLEASE sign up.

Second trash pick-up reminder - this THURSDAY - not Wednesday -- back to post holiday schedule January 8.

There has been a death in the Sparks/Wiskeman family.  Prayers for peace always welcome.

And for the last time---this year, Dave adjourned us at 8:20 am

Jane's thought for the new year -- "Turn your can'ts into cans and your dreams into plans!"  With loving wishes for a wonderful, meaningful, healthful, smile-filled 2014!!!  See you next year--also known as next Tuesday!


December 25 - Christmas Dinner

Photo and information by Fran Foust

Queen Linda and King Dave Burrows honored the group of 47 as Gary Snyder played beautiful Christmas Carols.

The dinner included ham, provided by the Warrington family.  Everything was delicious and plentiful with desserts topping it off!
Thanks to Edna Mongeau and her crew for serving us.  Mike Foust was on coffee, Ray Bergeron desserts, Barb Work, Sue Morey
and Fran Foust on hams.  Thanks to all for a wonderful Christmas Dinner!

The Yankee Swap

28 people attended the fun gift exchange.  Thanks to Marj Dunn for organizing it again this year.

December 24 - Luminaries

Thanks to facebook postings of photos by Dwight Holden and Sara Detweiler


Jason and Tammy Drive, location of Dwight and Sara's homes!

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas!







To be continued.....

December 24 - Tuesday

Jane Betts, reporter

This Christmas Eve morning, Gary wrapped the music of the season around the 61 of us.

Rev. Joe Stump blessed us and warmed our hearts with his prayer and the reminder that angels are ever present - even those that fly backward!

We unwrapped two "Welcome" gifts, Elaine Studer's daughter, Earline and new residents, Dale and Dave Matthews.

Our "musical" Birthday gift went to Amo Kimball and Jan Thomas!  Celebration wishes!

Charlene's Sunshine was tied up with the joy and hope of the season.


Elaine Albarano shared information about Mike and Jean Delaney's unexpected flight north due to an emergency medical situation with their 50 year old daughter, Doreen.  Please see the Sunshine report for further details.

Edna Mongeau reminded us of the Christmas dinner tomorrow at 4 pm.  Your plates may be put on the table anytime and food dishes on your arrival of it earlier, after 3 pm.  Don't forget the $5.00 gift swap - IF you want to - no obligation - only fun!

Shirley Tatlock thanked all who gave-and-received the caroler's Christmas wishes.  A great time was had, topped off by marshmallows in the BEST cocoa EVER!


Presidential reminder:  do NOT put your trash out until Wednesday pm or Thursday am.  It's the holiday schedule (same for New Years) ---AND it would certainly ruin the beauty of the luminaries which are lighted at darkness tonight!

With a warm Merry Christmas, Dave adjourned us at 8:30!

Jane shares a wish for all, "Cherish your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows, but live your todays - fully!

A love filled MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, Jane

December 17 - Tuesday

Thanks to Jane Betts, Mary Ryman, Dwight and Bobbi Holden and Anne Subrizi for facts and photo's.


Cricket and Bob Brunelle, 74 Loren Drive, Anne Subrizi, 36 Jeffrey Drive and Marge Phelan, 93 Loren Drive, participated in the Sarasota Christmas Boat Parade on Saturday aboard the "Kathleen D", a 42 foot Catamaran sail boat owned by Marge's daughter and son-in-law, Tracey and Kathleen Dell.  Oh what fun and congratulations to the happy sailors.! 


On this chilly morning, sixty of us received a holiday note-or-two from Gary (musical, of course) to add to the warmth of friends, neighbors, coffee and donuts!

Ed Marian finally "passed the buck".   

Dave opened the meeting and Chaplain Kevin again blessed us all with his prayer.

Patsy Brown, Manager of Administration and Marketing from Sarasota Memorial Hospital Nursing and Rehab Center, located next door to us on Rand Boulevard, along with Dave, presented a very informative program about many of their services.

"We are a 800 bed rehab center with skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy.  A wound care center is fully operational and soon to be opening is a 12 bed respiratory unit with dietitians, social workers, cable TV with other comfortable surroundings.  Respite care is also available." 

This center is a welcome and necessary neighbor and is available for on-site tours and information.  Their goal is "getting us better and getting us home!".

Following the program, three birthday honorees received our "gift of song!"  Congratulations!

Please read the Sunshine report for Charlene's neighbor news.


Mary Jo from Cedar Cove brought news of their dance which will be held at Orange Acres club house on January 17, 2014 at 7:00 pm, $5.00

Dwight Holden informed us of a great holiday light tour - SRQ Trolley at 941-538-1414 or SRQ  Pick ups at 6:30 or 8:30 pm  Cattleman and Bee Ridge (Burlington Coat Factory parking lot).  Light up your Christmas!  Reserve at $15.00. 

Edna Mongeau reported 25 Red Hat gift boxes were delivered to Resurrection House and thankfully received.

Christmas dinner reminders - sign up to HELP.  Yankee Swap $5.00 gift exchange and let her know of anyone needing a dinner delivered to home.

Shirley Tatlock sang out with the Caroling reminder - December 22 at 4:45 pm at clubhouse.  Spreading joy to neighbors is the notable event--y'all come!

Grace Sherry gave an Elf's view of spreading cheer!  She, Charlie Parkes and Charlene Sherman delivered 12 Cheer Bags Saturday December 14.  All loved the gift, the visit and the well-dressed  Elf's!  Grace unwrapped laughs for us all with her memories of a fun day.

Caroline Turner gave us our to-do-list---get your Luminary bags and sand!


The Windward Isle dance representative will be back at coffee next Tuesday or go across the street soonest as tickets may be limited! 

FMO meeting is January 13, 2014 at 1:00---cookies wanted!

All's well that ends well and we were adjourned at 9:00 am!

Thought from Jane Betts for these busy days---and you'll sleep better---"The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention".

December 14 - Cheer Baskets

Orange Acres Elves (left) Grace Sherry, Charlie Parkes and Charlene Sherman.
Jenna joined in the fun, Sara and Reuel Detweiler's granddaughter.
Jane Betts and Joy Moore cheerfully made the all new elf costumes, which look great!
Cheer baskets were delivered to 12 neighbors. 

December 12 - Christmas Party

Barb Brown gave the opening prayer.

The Elves, Charlene Sherman, Charlie Parkes, and Grace Sherry with Santa (Larry Stine).  Ho Ho ho, Merry Christmas!!!

Our very own Orange Acres "Orange Blossoms and the Pits" share their chorus harmony.
Joan Worden (left), Adele Beauregard, Shirley Tatlock, Paula Jacobson, Bill Spires, Mary Ryman and Barb Brown voice holiday songs.

The Silver Foxes from Venice performed their dance, comedy and ......

musical talents. 

Santa asking Mary Cowan if she has been a good girl.
Merry Christmas to everyone!

December 10 - Tuesday

Thanks to Jane Betts, reporter

To start this Tuesday off right, three residents are busy counting their new found "wealth"- thanks to 50/50 and Gil and Dwight!  Gary's musical notes were as appreciated as the bank notes!

After Dave opened the meeting, we counted our blessings as Chaplain Kevin led us in prayer.  We are grateful for the miles he travels to tend to his flock.

We had no returned or new residents and no guests.  Three residents are leaving for the holidays - don't freeze and hurry back!  The 65 of us sang Happy Birthday to the 2 honorees and wish them happy celebrating!

Charlene Sherman keeps us up to date on neighbors concerns.  Please see her Sunshine report.

Edna Mongeau reminded us of the December 25th Christmas dinner--4:00 pm, $5.00 new gift swap, sign up sheet.
Red Hat care boxes are NEEDED by December 15th.  She has received very few.  There will be an after Christmas meeting.

Mary Ryman reminded us of the importance of FMO.  There is a meeting in Venice December 16 and at our Orange Acres club house Monday January 13, 2014.

Judy Marian offers education and helpful aids to iPad users.  There will be four Tuesday classes, 3:30-4:00pm beginning Tuesday, January 7 through January 28, 2014.  There is of course NO computer class December 24 or December 31.  Happy Eves!

Caroline turner has the white bags to make your luminaries--ready to pick up on her doorstep at 208 Jason Dr.

Cookies for December 12 Christmas party MUST be at clubhouse by 9:00am Thursday---THANKS!

Worden has a sign up sheet for those who love to sing - hear the debut at the December 12th party!  Loving to sing is - almost-as important as excellence!

Shirley Tatlock promises cocoa (hopefully cookies also) after Christmas caroling on December 22. (NOT on Dec. 15)  Meet at clubhouse before 5:00 pm - bikes or golf carts welcome.  A season High Note!

Bob Beauregard thanked all who helped at Whist party - next one is Thursday, January 16, 2014.

Barb Brown blessed us all as she led the Vespers Service Sunday, December 8th.  Many THANKS-great job!


Our thanks to the Warringtons - one new portable microphone is now in use and other one due today!

Do not forget to remember to shop our Christmas memory/re-tale table treasures as new memories are made.  Anlee says only one week to shop and please, no more donations!   There are only 2 weeks remaining until Christmas!

Crafts will be recreated after Christmas-check with Mary Ryman for start date.

Paul Metzger of Windward Isle will be at coffee next week with New Year's Eve party information.

Jan Thomas reminds us blood pressure helps/readings begin January 15, 2014 and run through May---third Wednesday 10:00 am - 11:00 am each month.

Next Tuesday, December 17, at coffee come hear lots of good information from our speaker associated with Sarasota Memorial.

And we are adjourned at 8:25am to go bask in Florida Sunshine!!

-------Jane shares a thought for the day - In this time of awe and wonder and love and STRESS--"A good sense of humor is essential to deal with the world's reality!"

December 3 - Tuesday

Thanks to reporter Jane Betts, photographs by Dwight Holden

What a great way to start the day--SUNSHINE, lovely background music, 74 friends and neighbors to greet, coffee and donuts and Kevin's prayer.  Come join us--we'll do it all again next week!

President Dave began our meeting early due to a very informative program.  Brian MacNeel of the Crime Prevention Task Force gave us many amazing facts and information on staying safe.  For self protection or home aids, he can be reached by phone 813-661-3700.

Brian MacNeel provided helpful information about crime prevention with many hand-out pamphlets.

We have 6 returned residents, 4 leaving for the holidays, no guests or new residents to welcome.  Two birthday babies were "serenaded" with our loving musical tribute!  Happy your-day!

For our neighbor's health and well being news, please read Charlene Sherman's sunshine report.

Caroline Turner, 208 Jason Drive., has the white bags to make your luminaries on her doorstep--know your amount and pick them up sooner rather than later.

Edna Mongeau asks that you sign up for our Christmas dinner--number attending, food you will bring and kitchen, table and clean-up help if able.  See sheet on board for details.  Remember the $5.00 swap gift.  Also, please bring your Red Hat box to her by December 15th.  You may also take your completed boxes to Barb Work. 

Reg Tays, with time in mind, will bring us his FMO report at a later date.

Jan Mazer reminded us of the Christmas party, December 12, 7 pm.  Help always welcome--call or sign sheet SOONEST!

Sara Detweiler thanked all who helped her put together a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner--our thanks went right back to her.

Joan Worden would like to bring back to life our vocal group, The Orange Blossoms.  If you took note of that and love to sing, give her a call--just don't cause treble!!

Bob Beauregard reminded us of the Whist party this Thursday, December 5, 7:00 pm.  Cookie and/or brownie bakers would be appreciated.

Adele Beauregard gave Red Hatters a luncheon reminder for December 16.  Please sign up.

Barb Brown will bless us as she delivers her Vespers Sermon on Sunday, December 8, at 7:00 pm

Mary Ryman gifted us with talk of the Christmas sale table--easy prices for new holiday cheer!  Please continue to bring in any "retired" treasures for others to enjoy.


Christmas caroling will be Sunday December 22, NOT December 15. 

Remember the bazaar at Windward Isle Saturday December 7--you'll see familiar faces there behind some of the tables and shopping!

Another informative program next Tuesday.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 am.  Thanks, Dave. 

November 26 - Tuesday

Two days before Thanksgiving, all 66 of us were thankful for peaceful weather, friendships shared over coffee, our musical serenade, Dave's welcome and Kevin's beautiful prayer of thanks.

We welcomed three returned residents, waved good-bye to two departing residents and greeted Delaney's visiting daughter.

With amazing stories, Mary Ryman introduced our new residents, Marilyn and Bill Hamilton at 17 Jeffrey and Ron and Linda Dick at 63 Loren.  More Orange Acres' Blessings!

Mary Ryman introduces Marilyn & Bill Hamilton and Ron Dick

There were no attending Birthday or Anniversary celebrants.  Nevertheless-Congratulations!

Please see Charlene Sherman's Sunshine report as she keeps us up to date on our neighbors.

Phil Albarano reported a fine meeting with Jeff Warrington.  He graciously offered to purchase the much needed microphones and more hats  for our veterans.  More thanks are sincerely given.

Sara Detweiler has our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday at 4:00 pm, well organized.  (See Future Events) She requests that we bring our place setting to the clubhouse after 12:00 noon.  An extra treat--there will be door prizes--one being a beautiful Reuel carving.

Betsy Chace reminded the Red Hat ladies of our shoe box donations.  Please wrap the top and bottom separately, fill, label (for girl, boy, man, woman) and give to Barb Work or Edna Mongeau before December 15.  

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Christmas table!!!!  Please bring to the clubhouse any unwanted ornaments or Christmas related items before December 5 and on into the season.

Clubhouse will be closed Saturday, December 7 for a private party.

December 3, Tuesday 8:00 am--Crime Prevention speaker
December 17, Tuesday 8:00 am--Sarasota Memorial speaker.

Meeting was adjourned---Thank you, Dave.

Jane Betts shares  "Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel. 


November 19 - Tuesday

Thanks to Jane Betts, reporter, photo's from Bobbi Holden

This  morning the 69 of us were blessed with Gary's tunes, President Dave's welcome and Chaplain Kevin's heartfelt prayer.

Dave introduced Jeff Warrington who gave us insight into the park and community thefts.  Three important actions recommended:  always lock doors, golf carts, bikes, grills, etc.  REPORT ASAP to 911, our sheriff's office, any and all suspicious activity and record serial numbers of possible theft items.

There was information on our ongoing animal pest problems and fencing at Memorial Park.  Thank you Jeff, for you time, help and caring.

We have five residents leaving for a brief time (holidaze, ya know) and no returned or new residents, guests or birthday/anniversary celebrants present.

Please read Charlene's report for a ray of Sunshine.

Speakers:  Sara Detweiler thanked all who have agreed to help with our Thanksgiving dinner and reminds us to sign up if attending so there is an accurate count.  Big need for cooks (management provided turkeys). 

Grace Sherry reported on a most full-filling Red Hat luncheon at Sweet Tomato's.  Thanks to Adele Beauregard and Theresa Coddens for organizing.

Bob Beauregard reminds us of the December 5, 7:00 pm Whist Party.  If lucky $1.00 could make you semi-wealthy!

Dave's announcements:  The Christmas re-sell table is cancelled due to lack or items.

December 3 :  Coffee meeting program guest speaker is from Crime Prevention Task Force.

December 17:  Coffee meeting program guest speaker is from Sarasota Memorial Hospital Health Fit related services.

Christmas is coming to our meeting hall and decorators are needed.  Fred St. James is offering his help.  Decorations are available - come be creative - YULE be appreciated!

Meeting was adjourned and followed immediately by Dave calling the the board to the stage for the start of a brief semi-annual general meeting.  The board was introduced (See Officers tab on this Web Site)  and Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted.  There was no old or new business and this meeting was also adjourned.

On the way to coffee this morning, Bobbi Holden took this picture of a partial rainbow.  Nice way to begin the day!  Thanks for sharing.

"One of life's great rules is this:  The more you give, the more you get." 

Orange Acres in Pictures

November 9, 2013

Veterans, we all thank you!

Many thanks to Phil Albarano for taking charge and his wonderful crew for a great memorable event.

Start your engines and let the parade begin.

Fred St. James carries the flag while Richard and Ed carry the banner.








Many participants from Orange Aces, Cedar Cove, friends, neighbors and family.
Thank you for a wonderful Veterans Day!

November 2

Photos provided by Al Duff

Grace celebrates her special day with a party, hosted by her family.  The food was fun and delicious, the cake a real treat. 
Many friends, family and neighbors attended to wish Grace Happy Birthday!  Thanks for sharing!

October 31, 2013
Photos by Rich Rasske and  Al Duff

Our New Vice President of Orange Acres, Jane Betts (Who knew!)
No explanations necessary....your identity is safe.



Everyone  was a winner this Halloween. 

November 12 - Tuesday

Thanks to Jane Betts , reporter

Jane Betts reports another good start to our day with Gary's music and three richer residents as 50/50 began a new season.

President Dave Burrows opened the meeting and Chaplain Kevin blessed the 76 in attendance. 

Dave presented a gift card to Shirley Tatlock with all our thanks for her past year's presidency!

We have 7 returned residents, no one leaving and no guests.

Mary Ryman introduced new residents George Butland and Charlotte Butland-Cappadona, 87 Loren Drive; David and Pauline Pittman 204 Jason Drive.  The ladies are not only neighbors, but sisters!  We welcome them and loved their stories!

We are glad Rick and Judy Wilson are back and just in time for us to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Judy!

Please see the Sunshine report for more of Charlene's good care.

By-law changes were presented by our President, were unanimously accepted and posted on the bulletin board in the Community Center.  Check out the good new rules.

Beginnings:  Shuffleboard starts November 18, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:00 pm.  Crafts are created at 1:00 pm beginning Tuesday November 19th.  Vespers begin this Sunday, November 17th at 7 pm led by Jan Mazer.

There was discussion regarding the recent theft crimes in our area.  We hope to have a Crime Prevention Task Force program shortly.  Please note the Latest News Tab, November 10.

Please plan on attending the resident's General Meeting Tuesday, November 19th, immediately after coffee.  Y'ALL come!!

Meeting closed at 9:00 am

"The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts".
Bring all the good ones with you next Tuesday----see you then! 

November 5 - Tuesday

Thanks to Jane Betts , reporter

This beautiful Florida morning found 68 of us welcomed by President Dave Burrows and prayerfully greeted by Chaplain Kevin.

The official passing of the gavel from Shirley Tatlock to Dave Burrows was followed by Shirley's thanks to all for her enjoyed presidency and our applauded thanks to her!

We have 10 returned residents, 2 residents leaving-briefly, and 1 guest.

Dave Burrows, Lela St. James and Mary Lou Lira received our "musical" birthday wishes.  Thanks, Gary, for your organ and piano talents and noteworthy help to us!

Charlene spread Sunshine glowligly - please see her report.

There were seven (7) speakers: 

Jan Mazer reminded us of the Christmas party Thursday, December 12,  2013 - give a call for offering help and please sign up.

Phil Albarano asks that we eet at the clubhouse parking at 10:45 Saturday morning, in red, white and blue decorated bikes or golf carts - ready to parade to Memorial Park for a meaningful Veterans Day program.  No luncheon to follow but hears will be warmed with gratitude and remembrance.

Jan Thomas reminded us of the Billy Graham DVD presentation, Thursday at 7:00pm - clubhouse.

Adele Beauregard has made a Red Hat luncheon reservation at Sweet Tomatoes, 2:00 pm on November 18.  A tip of the hat to her.

Grace Sherry thanked us for a wonderful birthday party.  She claims to be---90!!! Really!!!

Sara Detweiler, chair for our Thanksgiving Day dinner needs everyone to sign up and offer our help.

Barb Brown is back and reports exercise will be at 9:00 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Pool 11:00 Tuesday and Thursday.

Dave reminded us of an important lack--we need leaders for 50/50, Vespers and a Flu Shot organizer.  Please see yoor calendar for upcoming meetings and events,  More information on the by-law changes and a vote coming soon.

Meeting was adjourned.

As Always, so many chances to lend a hand---thought for the week---"Do not go where the path may go; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

October 29 - Tuesday

Thanks to Jane Betts for report

Dave Burrows welcomed Chaplain Kevin who opened our pre-Halloween meeting with a prayer.

Gary's music was a notable greeting to the 56 of us which included returned residents - half of the Detweilers, Reuel and Rich and Linda McClowry.

Mary Ryman beautifully welcomed the McClowrys at 70 Loren Drive and Sandy Rock (husband Walt was absent) at 1W by sharing their interviews with us.  Welcome to Orange Acres.

We serenaded one birthday girl, Grace Sherry, who reminded us all to attend her 90th birthday party on Saturday, November 2nd.

Phil Albarano graciously volunteered to chair the Veteran's Day parade and program.  Mike Delaney has offered to help.  Grateful thanks for honoring this meaningful event.

Our very-soon-to-be-president, Dave, closed the meeting.  Happy Trick or Treat!!  See you all Thursday at 6:00 pm for dinner fun and surprises.

!!!!!"ATTITUDE is the master key to life's little locks"!!!!!

October 22 - Tuesday

Thanks to Jane Betts for information, Dwight Holden photos

Thank you, Gary for serenading our arrivals this beautiful Tuesday!

Chaplain Kevin blessed the 54 of us with an opening prayer.

The meeting was opened by returning Vice President, Dave Burrows.  He and Linda are back with us along with returning residents Gretta Pipe, Mike and Jean Delaney and Dwight and Bobbie (absent due to illness) Holden. 

There were no guests, no new residents and no one leaving this week.  Gary Snyder played the piano as we sang Happy Birthday to Mike Delaney who celebrated his birthday October 20th and Happy Anniversary to Dwight and Bobbi Holden, October 28th.

Happy Birthday and welcome back Mike Delaney.

Welcome back VP Dave Burrows and Sunshine Lady Charlene Sherman.

Charlene Sherman is back with us permanently and spreading Sunshine once again - please see her report.

Grace Sherry reported on the Red Hat luncheon held at P.F. Chang's October 21---a delicious time was had by all!!  Thannk you Adele Beauregard.  Watch for November event.

Sue Morey states Bingo begins Wednesday., October 23rd at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse.

Dave promised more news in November, when as President, he will present some possible by-law changes that would make it easier to elect and to participate.  Information and voting to come!

Mary Ryman is able-and-willing to repair our "coffee baskets"--handles, etc.  Please call.

Dwight Holden most graciously - and humorously - thanked Jane Betts for her 3 weeks fill-in during their absence.  He presented her with a bear and paw decorated coffee mug from the Mountains of North Carolina!  Jane could "bearly" express her thanks and feels "her cup runneth over!!"

The meeting was closed with a smile and see you next week - bring a neighbor!!

October 15 - Tuesday

Jane Betts opened the meeting:  Another early morning THANKS to Gary Snyder for our musical greeting!

Our count was up today from 32 last week to 52!!  It must be Fall.  Along with returning residents, we had the pleasure of new residents, Ron and Pat Morrow who are renting at 137 Shirley Drive.  WELCOME!!  New Hampshire will miss them.

None of the 9 birthday and 1 anniversary celebrants were present--we still wish them happy days! 

As we mourn the loss of Bev Ferritto, we were both honored to have Greg Ferritto speak to us and tell how much Orange Acres meant in Bev's life, as it does to the whole family.  There will be a funeral Mass at 9:30, Friday, October 18 at Church of the Incarnation on Bee Ridge and a gathering/luncheon at noon at our club house.

Happy Halloween news--Audrey Young has graciously agreed to chair our potluck dinner and festivities.  Joan Worden is her right hand and many helpers would be welcomed.  Don't forget your costume---there will be prizes!

Reminder of the Billy Graham TV production at the clubhouse November 7. (See Calendar and Future Events also)

At so many times in all our lives, we find--"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.  It's about learning to dance in the rain".

Prayers and happy memories to all!! 

October 8 - Tuesday

Princess Jane Betts began today's meeting news: "Thank you, Gary Snyder for, once again, starting our morning off on a beautiful note!"

Chaplain Kevin opened our meeting with a prayer for the 32 present.

Jane welcomed returning residents Richard Tolman, Fred and Lela St. James and Bob and Cyndee Springer.

There were no anniversaries and none of the four birthday boys were present.

Please see the Sunshine report to appreciate Fran Foust's wonderful job!  Since she and Mike are on donut detail this month, she went the extra mile and dressed the food table in pink and placed pink flowers on the tables to remind us all of the breast cancer battle.

Jan Thomas brought news of a November 7th Billy Graham program to be shown on our club house TV.  As he celebrates his 95th birthday, this may be one of his last public appearances.  There was interest and a positive show of hands, so time and reminders to follow.

Adele Beauregard reminded us of the Red Hats Luncheon on October 21st.  Please see menu and the Sign Up Sheet on the board.


We still need a chairman for our Veterans Day parade and program.  November 11th is around the corner. SOS!!

Due to the unplanned late arrival of the Turners and Harold Ryman's hospital and now rehab stay, neither Caroline or Mary are able to chair the Halloween Potluck October 31st.  This is an "it takes a village"-----HELP!!!!

Jane ends with a "call me" and reminds us all that "Wrinkles only go where smiles have been". 

Sooooo---keep on smiling!

October 1 - Tuesday

Princess Jane Betts, our President for the next 2 or 3 weeks, while Dwight Holden is on vacation, began with a prayer for 29 people in attendance.  Chaplain Kevin arrived  soon afterwards due to many construction delays and a frustrated drive.  It took over 1 1/2 hours to get here, and we were all happy with his prayer and  safe travels. 

Thanks to Charlie Parkes and Grace Sherry for their September donut detail for Tuesday morning coffee meetings.  Fran and Mike Foust have volunteered to take over for the month of October due to Delaney's delayed arrival. 

Returned residents were Jane Finley, Kathy Estabrook and Jim McDonald.  Permanent returning resident is Sally Goebel, now at 176 Jeffrey Drive.  Welcome Home!

Our thanks to Gary Snyder for greeting us with beautiful music both on organ and piano for our Happy Birthday song to Jim McDonald, our only celebratory attendee who will be 70!! 

Fran Foust gave the Sunshine report, posted under Sunshine tab.

Please sign up now for Thursday, October 31 Halloween Party and Pot Luck at 6:00 pm.  Hoping for a big costumed turn-out.  Goblins of prizes!!!

Jane shares "A chuckle a day may not keep the doctor away, but it does make those times in "Life's Waiting Room" a little more bearable".

September 24 - Tuesday

After a short prayer by Dwight Holden, he recognized returned residents:  Phil and Elaine Albarano, Joan Collins and Cheryl Hahnenberg.  Leaving this week for two weeks are Dwight and Bobbi Holden.

The Halloween party and potluck dinner will be Thursday, October 31,  6:00 pm.  Sign up sheets are posted so sign up now.

Please remember Golf will begin October 8, so be sure to sign up.  The league plays at Gulf Gate Golf Course on Tuesday's.  See Gil Forrler if you have any questions.

Dwight asked for volunteers to take over the October donut duty for the weekly coffee meetings.  Due to Mike Delaney's illness, he and Jean are postponing their return to Orange Acres.  Fran and Mike Foust graciously volunteered.  What would we do without them!  Thank you!

Judy Marian sends thanks to Karen Rasske, 131 Jeffrey Circle, for taking over the Website last week while she and Ed were in California.  Karen did a super job.   They  are planning their Orange Acres arrival in a few weeks.  We hope to arrive by Halloween.  Boooo!

Paula Jacobson hosted the Red Hats lunch at Ruby Tuesday's Monday, September 23rd.  Seventeen ladies braved the downpour of rain with the reward of a lovely get-together with great food.  Those celebrating a birthday this month were Judy Chieffo, Fran Foust and Kay Gyenes.

September 17 - Tuesday

Chaplin Kevin arrived at 8:00am, just in time to deliver a prayer to 27 OA residents.

Dwight opened the meeting by explaining his hat of the morning was due to the daily rains messing his "do".

We welcomed Sue Morey, Mary & Harold Ryman back.

Dwight reminded us of the Red Hats lunch at Ruby Tuesday next week.  Flu shots will take place in the library following this morning's meeting.  Mary Ryman asked everyone to start thinking about Halloween costumes to wear to the Halloween Pot Luck.

Gil Forrler announced golf starts October 8th, tee time is at noon.  Please sign up.

Fred & Lela St James will be leaving tomorrow morning for Michigan to attend their God child's wedding and will be gone about two weeks.

Just as the meeting was ending the nurse arrived to set up equipment for giving flu shots.  The shots will be available again in November.

September 10 - Tuesday

Thanks to Bobbi Holden for photographs and information

Kevin gave the prayer of thanksgiving to the 28 residents present.

Phil and Elaine Albarano will be leaving for one week, September 12 to celebrate Phil's mothers birthday.  Safe travels!

Flu shots are available September 17, after coffee meeting on Tuesday.  Please sign up.  Flu shots will be available again in November.

Paula Jacobson reminded the ladies of the Red Hats Luncheon on September 23rd at Ruby Tuesday's.  Please sign up soon.

Dwight received information that Caroline Turner and Mary Ryman are chairing the October Halloween Pot Luck.  Wear a fun costume, and prizes will be awarded.  A sign up sheet will be posted early October.  Specific date coming, but gather your costume ideas now!

Fran Foust was the only person present to celebrate a birthday this coming week.  Everyone was happy to sing the famous Orange Acres Birthday song.

Happy Birthday dear neighbor Fran Foust!

Judy Marian, Orange Acres Webmaster, will be going to California this Friday, September 13 for a week.  They will attend the Americas Cup, the first time in 18 years for USA to host the sailing event.  San Francisco is the place, and of course Napa Valley is included.  Please be aware that Tuesday's OA News and Sunshine report on September 17 may be delayed until Saturday, September 21, for posting.  No laptops on vacation!

September 3 - Tuesday

Thanks to Bobbi Holden for photographs and information

Chaplain Kevin arrived just in time to say a prayer for the 30 residents in attendance for today's meeting.

Dwight Holden announced that many people questioned why he had not been wearing a hat to conduct the summer coffee meetings.  Today he said he always wished to be a pilot, but the hat he was wearing this morning is as close as he'd ever get.

Dwight Holden, Pilot of OA coffee meeting.

Dwight shared that since he and Bobbi will be North Carolina for 2 weeks in October, he would like for Jane Betts to be Temporary Conductor of Fun and Frivolity during his absence.  He asked for a vote, with a unanimous "yes"!  Thanks and welcome, Princess Jane!

Happy Birthday was sung to Judy Chieffo and Art Klimek.

Thanks to Fran Foust and Joan Worden for hosting last evening's annual Labor Day Pot Luck, and Jane Betts for entertainment.  Fun times by all! 

Dwight concluded the meeting with:  "Worry is a total waste of time.  It doesn't change anything.  All it does is steal your joy and keeps you very busy doing nothing".

September 2 - 2013
Annual Labor Day Pot Luck

Joan Worden and Fran Foust were hostesses to 34 residents at the Orange Acres Annual Labor Day Pot Luck Monday evening.

The ladies did a fantastic job and the food was delicious and plentiful.

Jane Betts entertained everyone by telling how and when Labor Day first came into being, followed by a humorous tale of her work history.  She ended with this:  "May we strengthen the weak, give light to the blind, clothe the needy and be friends to mankind...and may we never forget the blessing of being a part of Orange Acres with our friends and neighbors who give us strength and a reason to keep on keeping on"!  Well said, Jane!


As we were all gathering our dishes at the completion of the evening, down came the rain.  Afterwards we were blessed with one of Florida's beautiful sunsets.

Happy Labor Day!


August 27 - Tuesday

Thanks to Bobbi Holden for information and photographs.

Chaplain Kevin opened the meeting with a prayer of thanksgiving to the 32 residents present.

Representatives from PNC Bank provided the morning pastries, and gave a brief presentation with an invitation to ask questions after the meeting.

Melodie Skinner and Valerie Zavala-Moore from PNC Bank

Copies of the September Calendar of Events are now available at the clubhouse according to Dwight Holden. 

No one was present for the Happy Birthday singing, and no anniversaries this week. 

Paula Jacobson announced a lunch is scheduled for the Red Hats September 23, at Ruby Tuesdays.  A menu is posted on the bulletin board and please sign up soon.

Labor Day Pot Luck will be Monday, September 2 at 6 pm.  Please sign up now.

Dwight told about his experience last Sunday evening at the Community Center.  He walked in and found the building very cold.  Upon further examination, he discovered all of the A/C units were on and set to run at least 4 hours. Nobody was inside at that time.  As we know, the Orange Acres office pays the electricity bills but any excess will ultimately result in an increase in our lot rent.  Please be responsible to make sure all lights, fans TV and A/C are off when you leave.  Be especially diligent on the weekends. 

Dave Burrows reported that he is quite concerned with the lack of chairpersons for some events.  If no one steps up, these events will be cancelled.  Some activities have already been permanently eliminated.  We encourage everyone to check the bulletin board for open events in need of chairpersons.   Get your friends and neighbors to join you in signing up before these events go away.  

August 20 - Tuesday

Thanks to Bobbi Holden for information and photographs.

Chaplain Kevin was delayed in traffic so Dwight Holden opened the meeting with a prayer for the 28 residents present.

Fred St. James professed he was up all night making donuts!  If so, he and Lela did a great job.  Several people were positive they gained a pound or two by the time the meeting was over.

No one was present to sing Happy Birthday or Anniversary to,  but maybe next week. 

Gary Snyder has switched from piano to organ for our pre-meeting music.  He also plays mandolin and guitar.  He is quite talented and we are so grateful to have him share with us.

Be sure to sign up for the Labor Day Pot Luck to be held Monday, September 2 at 6 pm.  Fran Foust and Joan Worden are in charge of the event.  Get ready to bring your food and appetites to the club house for the holiday feast.

The Red Hats ladies enjoyed their luncheon on Monday, August 19, at Ophelia's Pasta House in Nokomis. 


Mary Lou Lira was host to the 18 Red Hatters who graciously  wore their red and purple.    The food and friendship was wonderful. 

August 13 - Tuesday

Thanks to Bobbi Holden for photo's and information

Kevin. our Orange Acres Chaplain, opened the meeting with a prayer of thanks.  Our small group has expanded to 30 residents in attendance.

Pancakes, (plain or blueberry) were served along with sausage, orange juice and coffee or tea.  The committee consisted of Dwight Holden, Audrey Young, Joan Worden, Grace Sherry, Elaine Studer, Bobbi Holden and Mary Lou Lira.  Yes, it is a community effort that makes the success of all events.  Dwight and Audrey were pancake flippers while Joan was pancake mixer.  Grace and Elaine cooked the sausage while Bobbi served and Mary Lou was in charge of money.  Everything was delicious, as this completed the final summer Pancake Breakfasts for 2013. 



Grace Sherry announced the Red Hats will meet next Monday, August 19th at Ophelia's in Nokomis.  Those planning to attend are encouraged to carpool.

Jane Betts thanked everyone for all the phone calls, cards, well-wishes and prayers.  She is so grateful for living in Orange Acres with so many caring people.  

Judy Marian shares Website information that the Classified section is up and running for all approved applicants looking to rent in Orange Acres.  If you have a home to rent, check your web site first!  All offerings will be posted for a maximum of 30 days.  If you have large items for sale, they may be posted (Orange Acres residents only.)

The Observer News information is due Monday, August 19th.  Please submit any, births,  etc.

Bob Wiskeman announced Men's Cards has been cancelled at this time due to lack of participation.  If the group would like to get together to play billiards, please contact Bob for details or questions. 


August 7 - Wednesday

Thanks to Bobbi Holden for photographs and information

There were 27 people at the clubhouse who enjoyed the various choices of pizza, as well as salad and sodas.  Of course, the best part is always the opportunity to visit with one another.

Audrey Young hosted the event with help from Joan Worden.  Of course, everyone pitched in, as usual.  


As everything was cleaned up, people departed the fun filled evening of good food and friends, just as the raindrops began.  Perfect timing! 

August 6 - Tuesday

Thanks to Dwight & Bobbi Holden for Information.

Our Chaplain, Kevin, opened the meeting with a prayer of thanks to the 28 residents president.

Bob & Adele Beauregard have returned as well as Gary Snyder.  Gary was in Ohio, and while there, visited Shirley Tatlock.  While he was gone, he had to put new tires on his motor home, which certainly put a dent in his vacation.

Bill & Paula Jacobson have their children and grandchildren visiting here in Orange Acres.

Dwight reminded everyone of the Pizza Party tomorrow, Wednesday, August 7th at 6:00 pm.

Dwight also reminded all residents of the Pancake Breakfast scheduled Tuesday, August 13th at 7:30 am.  Please sign up now.

Judy Marian, our Orange Acres Webmaster, has now included approved applicants looking for homes to rent under the Classified tab of our website.  Postings will remain for 30 days or until a rental is located, whichever comes first.  At this time homes to rent are not included. 

July 30 - Tuesday

Thanks to Bobbi Holden for photographs and information.

Dwight Holden began the meeting with 25 members present.  "It's a quality group, rather than quantity"

Chaplain Kevin opened with a prayer.

Copies of the August calendar are now available at the Community Center.  Pick one up for yourself and a neighbor unable to attend today's meeting. 

The Pizza Party is August 7th at 6 pm.  Get your tickets from Audrey Young.

The Pancake Breakfast is August 13.  The sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board.  Please sign up soon.

Dwight reminded everyone that there are several events open that need volunteer chairmen.  Veterans Day will be the earliest and others are Christmas decorating for the hall and Vespers.

Several events have been cancelled due to lack of volunteer chair persons - Sports Day, Entertainment and Snowbird Picnic.  Do not let your favorite events become one of these so volunteer now.  Two people may become chairpersons together so grab your friend and help keep our events going strong.

Jan Thomas is our Sunshine lady while Fran Foust is on vacation and Jane Betts recovers from hip replacement surgery.  Her Sunshine Report is posted under Sunshine tab.

Jan Thomas giving the Sunshine Report.

July 23 - Tuesday

Thanks to Bobbi Holden for photo's and information.

Chaplain Kevin opened the morning meeting of 27 resident with prayer of thanksgiving.  New resident Ron Dick of  63
Loren Drive as well as returning residents Phil and Elaine Albarano were welcomed.

Jane Betts introduced her sister from Texas who is here to assist her following hip replacement surgery on Wednesday.

Fran and Mike Foust will be leaving following the coffee meeting today.  They will be visiting children and grandchildren in Kansas, MO, Michigan and North Carolina.  Jan Thomas will be our Sunshine Lady during Fran's absence.

Tickets ($4.00 each) for the August 7 Pizza Party, 6:00 pm, are available from Bobbi Holden.  She can be reached by phone at 941-400-8657 or stop by 225 Jason Drive.

Judy Marian has now included OA approved applicants looking for homes to rent under the Classified tab of our website.  Postings will remain for 30 days or until a rental is located, whichever comes first.  At this time homes to rent are not included.