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Web Site Update for 2014

This web site host and domain name is currently in my name and secured for the 2014-2016 years   Photos are posted in one size only.  You may enlarge them using the keyboard or mouse with your computer, or pinch to make bigger on your tablet or smart phone.  Anyone attending an Orange Acres event is welcome to take photos and forward to me for possible Web posting.  If any Orange Acres resident is interested in helping with this web site,  positions are open!

Judy Marian

Chaplain Kevin

Chaplain Kevin Hackett
For all spiritual needs:  1-877-322-2427 Ext 4253

July 29 - Tuesday

Elaine Albarano, reporter
Fran Foust, photographer

Chaplain Kevin led 32 Orange Acres residents in prayer to open our meeting.  Last week we had 28 in attendance.


We had one returning resident - Ramona Armstrong, and one resident sadly leaving, Lois Weaverling, who said she has been crying for days at the thought of leaving her OA friends.  It was good to see Mary Ryman at the meeting today.

Fran Foust introduced new residents Larry and Cheryl Strohbeck.  They are from Brighton, Illinois and purchased Dave and Edna's home on Tammy Drive and also purchased Mary and Harold Ryman's home on Tammy Drive to use as a rental.  Everyone gave them a big Orange Acres welcome.

There were several birthdays and anniversaries for the next week but no one was present at coffee for us to sing.

Phil Albarano spoke about a meeting that he and Jane Betts had with Amy Warrington on the subject of hurricanes.  In the past there was a committee of Orange Acres residents who distributed information to all of the year-round residents with regard to hurricane preparedness.  There was a sheet included with the information to let the Orange Acres office know where each resident would go in case of a hurricane.  The Community Center is open during a hurricane but it is NOT an evacuation shelter.  The Orange Acres office would like the responsibility of hurricane preparedness to be taken by the residents rather than the office.  A vote was taken to see if a "Hurricane Committee" should be formed.  No one voted for the committee.  The issue may be brought up again.

We still do not have a volunteer to chair a pizza party in August.  Acting President Jane Betts will ask one more time next week.

Acting President Jane Betts thanked Mike and Fran Foust for providing donuts for the month of July and thanked Bob Beauregard for making coffee during the month of July.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 am

A quote from Robert Frost:  In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on".

July 22 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin opened the meeting with prayer for 28 of us this morning.

We welcomed Judy Chieffo back home from her time in rehab and Thelma Bloesing from her vacation with family.  It is good to have you back with us!!

Paul and Betsy Chace will be leaving for Rhode Island this Saturday to spend time with their son and relatives.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Audrey Young.

Grace Sherry said there were only 7 Red Hat Ladies at the Captain Curt's Luncheon but a very good time was had by all.

Elaine Albarano informed us that she and Phil have finished putting together a yearly calendar showing all the special events for the entire year.  It is posted on the bulletin board and anyone may make a copy or refer to it when necessary.  Hats off to both for a fine job!

Phil went over the results of a meeting between Jeff Warrington and Vice President and President Elect Jane Betts and Betsy Chace, Secretary for the Residents Association regarding concerns about our pool.  If you were unable to attend this morning's coffee meeting, please contact Jane or Elaine Albarano, as they have minutes of that meeting.

Our summer pizza party is scheduled to be Wednesday, August 6th, but at this time we do not have a chairperson.  Marj Dunn is unable to do so due to health issues.  If anyone is interested, please contact Jane soon!

The group was asked if we would be interested in having a guest speaker come to coffee during the summer, and we were unanimous that we wait until in season when more people are here.

Thank you to Mike and Fran Foust for the donuts and Bob Beauregard for our coffee.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 am

Have a great week!

July 15 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Today Chaplain Kevin led 29 of us in prayer to open our meeting.

There were no returned residents and no one was leaving.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Jan Mazer.

Joan Worden informed everyone that July 21, next Monday, the Red Hat Ladies will be meeting for lunch at Captain Curt's on Siesta Key,  11:45 am.  Please sign up now!

Camelot East has extended an invitation to Orange Acres to join them in taking a bus trip to see the Tampa Bay Ray's baseball game August 1st at 7:10 pm.  The cost is $30.00 for bus, ticket and a hat.  Contact Jackie, Activities Director at 923-2311 if you would like to attend.

The Orange Acres Clubhouse will be closed Monday, July 28th from 2-7 pm for the Burdett family reunion.

The meeting was over by 8:15.  Very short and sweet this week!  Have a good one!

July 14, 2014

Sad to report Jim Curtin, 118 Jeffrey Drive, passed this morning while a patient at the University of Massachusetts hospital, Worcester, MA.  His entire family was with him, as he had taken a turn for the worse and was in intensive care.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

July 8 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin opened the meeting with a prayer for 27 of us this morning.

Everyone welcomed Bobbi Holden back home, as she was greatly missed by all.

There were no residents leaving, no birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate this week.

It must be SUMMERTIME!!!!

A big thank you to Audrey and her crew for another delicious pancake breakfast!

Another big thank you to Mary Lou Lira and Jane Finley for a wonderful pot luck supper.  There were 35 who attended and enjoyed the entertainment by the Sparrows.  Many thanks to Gary Snyder for his piano playing, Phil Albarano for the sound system, Ray Bergeron for cutting the pies for dessert and Mike and Fran Foust for helping wherever needed (Great Photos, see below!)  A big thank you to anyone and everyone who helped, however large or small.

Our Vice President and President Elect Jane Betts reminded us that the current table arrangement will be only during the summer months, as fewer residents are here.  Everything will be back to normal come fall.

Jane also explained that she has two titles, Vice President and Acting President since Dave Burrows has departed Orange Acres.  Jane will become the official President when her term begins November.  Titles....Smiles, Jane!!!!  You are doing a fantastic job from ALL of us, and a BIG Thank you!

The meeting was adjourned 8:25 am

Wishful thinking:  How Cold Is It?  Cold as a polar bears pajamas!  Cold as a cast-iron commode on the shady side of an iceberg.!

Have a great week!

Independence Day Pot Luck, July 4, 2014

Photos and report by Fran Foust


Gary Snyder playing beautiful music before dinner.                   Chairpersons Jane Finley and Mary Lou Lira.  Thanks to all!


The food was plentiful and delicious.                                                       The entertainment for the evening was great!


Elaine & Phil Albarano have a special guest, Phil's Mom from PA.  Paula and Bill Jacobson join in, breaking away from the golf course.


Grace Sherry & Charlie Parkes, always cheerful.                        Lorraine & Joe with Ray Bergeron, more neighbors join the festivities.

Mike Foust, Fran's husband, join another neighbor Diana.                       More neighbors, Bob & Vickie Hill.

The evening was a wonderful July 4th celebration, and we give thanks to all for our American freedom!

July 1 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Our President-Elect Jane Betts led 28 of us in prayer this morning.

Chaplain Kevin arrived late due to an accident on the highway.  Thank you Kevin for braving the Florida freeways to be with us.  God speed!!!

We had free donuts, compliments of Mike and Fran Foust who are celebrating their wedding anniversary today.  Many thanks and congratulations to you both!

Bob and Vickie Hill will be returning to Ohio this week.  Their son, who recently had surgery, is doing great and is back to work.

Happy Birthday was sung to Lois Weaverling!

Jan Thomas informed us that this coming Sunday, July 5th, the Ditchfield Singers will be at the Sarasota Baptist Church for the 9 am and 10:30 am services.  Everyone of all faiths are welcome to attend. 

Gary Snyder says that the club house computer is not being shut down properly.  If you are not sure how to do so, please contact the office during normal hours or Gary. Gary can be reached by phone at 941-376-0869.  You will be shown how to do so.  Judy Marian, our Orange Acres Computer instructor says : (1) Click on "Start", usually located in the lower left corner of the desktop, the round windows symbol (2) Click on "Shut Down" - at the bottom-  and click "yes" or select "shut down" your computer.  When all programs have closed, the computer will be properly shut down.  Bob Beauregard has volunteered to post a sign with these instructions.  Thank you, Bob!!! 

Regarding the printer, also located in the OA Business Center, PLEASE observe the 6 copies per person only rule!  Thank you.

The pot luck dinner, hosted by Jane Finley and Mary Lou Lira, is this Thursday, July 3rd at 6 pm.  The cost is $2.00 for entertainment.  You may bring your dinner place settings to the club house after 12:00 noon. 

Another great pancake breakfast hosted by Audrey Young and her fabulous helpers will be next Tuesday, July 8, 7:30-8:00 am.  Please sign up if you have not already done so.  The cost, $2.50 per person.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 am.

Remember: "Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative."  Happy 4th of July to all!!

June 24 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Sue Morey led us in prayer since Chaplain Kevin could not be with us today.  He is expected to return next week.

Last week we only had 23 residents in attendance, but this week we had 35!  Welcome back Sue Morey, Lois Weaverling and Rick & Judy Wilson.  Rick & Judy   introduced their guests, the Ogelsby's, who are staying with them. 

Elaine Studer, Thelma Bloesing, Kay Gyenes and Sue Morey will be leaving us by next week to visit family and friends.

We celebrated three Anniversaries today:  John & Sue Morey, 33 years; Bob & Vickie Hill, 46 years and Fred & Lela St. James, 56 years.  Congratulations!

Bob Hill reported that his son came through surgery very well and will soon be able to return to work.

Elaine Albarano informed everyone that the July 2014 Activities Calendar is finished and may be picked up at the Clubhouse.

Judy Marian reports that our Orange Acres Website will post pre-approved renters for 90 days.  Check the Classifieds tab if you are seeking a qualified renter. 

Joan Worden wished to thank everyone for coming to celebrate her mother's memorial.  God Bless Blanche!

Sue Morey will be showing the movie "The Horse Whisper" tomorrow night at 7:00 pm, at the Clubhouse! 

The next pancake breakfast will be on Tuesday, July 8th.  The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board.

Our President-elect Jane Betts reminded everyone that there are no reserved or assigned seats at the coffee hour.  Our tables are set up so we can all see one another and it is fun to sit in different locations, chat with different neighbors and maybe meet someone new!

Tomorrow is Dwight Holden's Memorial Service at the National Cemetery off Clark Road, East of I-75, at 10:00 am.  Bobbi Holden suggests wearing a hat or bringing an umbrella for the sun and there may be quite a bit of walking and standing, so wear comfortable shoes.  There are no chairs or benches for sitting. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 am.

Quote for the week from Beverly Sills:  "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going!"

June 17 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin opened our meeting with a prayer for 26 of us this morning.

Bob and Vickie Hill, 83 Loren Drive, have arrived from Ohio for a short time.  Their son Kevin, who is in Winter Haven, will be undergoing some serious surgery and Bob asks that we all keep his son in our prayers.  Our best wishes go out to Bob, Vickie and their son and may everything turn out fine.

We sang Happy Birthday to Bob Hill but there was no one present for an Anniversary song.

Grace Sherry reminded us that the Red Hats will be having lunch on Monday, June 23rd at First Watch, 12:00 noon.  If you have not signed up, please do so.

Our President elect, Jane Betts, also reminded everyone that there will be a pot luck hosted by Mary Lour Lira and Jane Finley on Thursday, July 3rd with mystery entertainment.  There is a $2.00 charge and the dinner begins at 6:00 pm.  The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board.

The Club house WILL NOT be closed this Sunday as previously announced on the outdoor events board.

Dwight Holden's Memorial Service will be next Wednesday, June 25, 10:00 am at the Sarasota National Cemetery.

For the time being, Fran Foust and Ramona Armstrong will now have exercise classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only at 9:00 am.

Jan Mazer would like everyone to know that on the Groupon Web site, they have 1/2 price tickets for the Big Cat Habitat.  They are usually $15.00 so this is a good deal.

With no further business, we all adjourned at 8:25 am.  Have a great week!! Stay healthy! Stay happy!

June 10 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin was back with us this morning and opened our meeting with a prayer.

There were 28 of us to enjoy the delicious pancake breakfast.  A big thanks to Audrey and her fabulous crew!

Mike and Fran Foust have returned to Orange Acres after having been away for several weeks.  Welcome back!

Dave and Pauline Pittman will be leaving for Massachusetts by the end of this week. 

Grace Sherry shared with us that the Red Hats will be meeting for lunch at First Watch, located on Cattleman Road, Monday, June 23,  12:00 pm.  Please sign up.

There will be a pot luck dinner hosted by Mary Lou Lira and Jane Finley on Thursday, July 3.  There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.

Reminder that this Sunday, June 15, will be a memorial celebration for Blanche Sargent at 4pm in the clubhouse.

Our Vice President and President Elect, Jane Betts, informed everyone that there have been several incidents in our community targeting golf carts.  The office is aware and the sheriff's department has been here as well.  Be very diligent and on the lookout for anything suspicious.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 am

Remember:  Age is a question of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

June 3 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

This morning our lovely Vice President and President Elect, Jane Betts, opened the meeting for 30 of us with a prayer, since Chaplain Kevin is "laid up" with a spinal disc problem.

The Spinneys and Delaneys will be leaving us this week to return north for the summer.

There will be a Memorial Service for Blanche Sargent, Sunday, June 15th at 4:00 pm at the clubhouse.  The sign up sheet is posted on the bulletin board.

There will be a Memorial Service for Dwight Holden, Wednesday, June 25th at 10:00 am at the Sarasota National Cemetery.  Everyone is welcome.

Charlie Parkes apologized to Gary Snyder for not thanking him earlier for the great job he did playing the organ at the gazebo during our Memorial Day Ceremony. 

Mary Ryman informed everyone that there is a woman at her Assisted Living facility who makes flower arrangements out of shells and she would be happy to teach anyone who might be interested.  Mary has photographs of some of her beautiful work.  Contact Mary for details.

Next Tuesday, June 10th, is  pancake breakfast.  Be sure to sign up now.

Reminder that the club house will be closed today at 11:00 am until tomorrow after 8:00 am for carpet cleaning.  It will also be closed Saturday for a private gathering.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 am.

Glad to have you back, Betsy!  Her thought for the week:  There are two types of people -- those who come into a room and say "Well, here I am"! and those who come in and say "Ah, there you are!"



May 27 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin opened our meeting with a prayer for 32 of us this week.

Sue Morey and the Spinney's will be heading North by next week.  We are dwindling down fast!

Happy Birthday was sung to Sue Morey and a 6th Happy Anniversary was sung to Bob and Adele Beauregard.

Charlie Parkes wishes to thank all his crew who set up for the Memorial Day Celebration, speakers, singers, buglers, cake bakers, kitchen help and anyone else he might have missed.  His only expense was $61.68 since the hot dogs and buns were donated.  The treasury received a total of $465.00 in donations.  Way to go Charlie!  It was a wonderful remembrance to all our servicemen, past and present! (see photos below).

Sue Morey's movie this week is "Out of Africa".  It will be presented on Wednesday, 7:00 pm at the clubhouse.

Our super President-elect Jane informed us there will be another pancake breakfast on June 10th.  Save the date!

There will be a Residents Association Executive Board Meeting on Monday, June 2nd, 10:00 am at the clubhouse.

The meeting was adjourned 8:25 am

Quip for the week:  You know you are getting older when you try to straighten out the wrinkles in your socks and discover you aren't wearing any!

Have a great week!

Veterans Day Ceremopny
May 24, 2014

The Parade begins with golf carts, bikers and walkers.



                                                            Fred St. James, Flag bearer.                          Charlie Parkes, Master of Ceremonies.

The ladies in their red, white and blue!

It was a wonderful day to celebrate and remember all of our veterans.

May 20 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin opened our meeting with a prayer for 38 people in attendance.  Former resident Mary Ryman joined us today.

Ed and Judy Marian will be leaving this coming week along with Bob and Cyndee Springer.  Ramona Armstrong will be away for about 12 days visiting family.

There was no one present to sing Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary.

Charlie Parkes would like to remind everyone who hasn't signed up for the free luncheon on Saturday, to please do so.  Wings and Weenies hot dog supplier from New York will be donating 10 pounds of hot dogs  and the buns are being donated by Publix.  Bring your lawn chair to the Gazebo for the Memorial Day Ceremony. 

If anyone has any items for the flea market this winter, whether big or small, please contact Phil Albarano or Fred St. James and they will pick them up.  Phil found upholstered furniture outside of the "chicken coop".  Thank goodness it had not rained as the furniture would have been ruined!

Sue Morey will be showing another movie this Thursday at 7:00 pm at the Clubhouse entitled "Lincoln".  Everyone is welcome to come to this free event.

Last week's movie was a real success with much discussion afterwards.  So come on down, sit, relax and watch the show!  There is a schedule of upcoming movies with time and date posted on the bulletin board.

Jane Betts expressed her gratitude to Gary Snyder for his excellent piano playing, to her coffee and donut crew for this month and to Betsy Chace for writing up the minutes of coffee hour and sending them off to Judy Marian for the Orange Acres website.

Jane also bid a fond farewell to our beloved Dwight Holden who will be greatly missed by all.

Meeting adjourned 8:25 am

Let your smile be contagious, your laughter infectious and your friendship communicable!

Have a good week! 

May 13 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin opened our meeting this morning with prayer.

Summer must be just around the corner!  There were only 36 of us at coffee this morning!  The Albarano's and Foust's will be leaving us this week for vacation.  They will return in 2-3 weeks.  Have a safe and enjoyable journey.

Many thanks to Gary Snyder for his beautiful piano playing.

Happy Birthday was sung to Paula Jacobsen.  No one was present for Anniversaries.

Charlie Parkes reminded everyone to please sign up if you plan to attend the Memorial Day Celebration luncheon on May 24th.  Only 16 people signed up so far, and he needs a final count soon before shopping for food and supplies. 

Sue Morey will be showing the free movie "Philomena" this Wednesday night, 7:00 pm, at the clubhouse.  All are welcome!

Today is the last day for computer class this season.  It will resume in the fall.

There will be no pool party on Monday.

Reminder:  Rhoda Kestenbaum's Memorial will be this Saturday, May 17th, 1:00pm at the Clubhouse.  Please sign up if you plan to attend for food and planning purposes. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 am.

Betsy shares "Food for thought:  Why is there a permanent press setting on most irons?  How do you know when you've run our of invisible ink"?

Have a great week!

May 6 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Today, 51 people enjoyed the pancake and sausage breakfast.  A big thank you goes out to Audrey Young and her crew for a wonderful repast!

Chaplain Kevin opened our meeting with a prayer. 

Bob and Sandra O'Daniel have returned for the week, but leaving soon along with 5 other residents.  (Bob is Judy Marian's brother)

Our newest residents, Cheryl and Larry Strohbeck partook of the breakfast and will be formally introduced by Fran Foust at a later date.  Fran and Mike are soon to depart on a 3 week vacation.

There was no one present to sing either Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary to this week.

Charlie Parkes informed us that there will be a Memorial Day celebration on Saturday, May 24th .  (See Future Events tab on Web site).  The parade will commence from the clubhouse at 11:30 am, travel to the Gazebo.  Please have all decorated golf carts ready to go at the clubhouse by 11:00 am.  The ceremony will be followed by a free lunch of hot dogs, potato salad, soda and cake.  Please sign up so we know how many to expect for lunch.

Jim McDonald and Kathleen Estabrook took a wonderful trip to Israel recently.  A surprise, even to them, they were married on April 24 in Cana of Galilee following a 25 year engagement.  Everyone is welcome to join the celebration at the Gazebo, this Thursday, May 8th, at 5:30 pm.  Peggy and Dick Killinger are providing wedding cake to share in this special "tie the knot" event.  President Jane Betts  presented the newly-weds with a very large helium filled heart balloon.  Congratulations from all of your Orange Acres family!

Jane also reminded everyone that the coffee hour is a time for meeting and greeting new and old friends and there are NO specific seat assignments or saved seats.  Sometimes sitting somewhere different can put a whole new perspective on life...meeting a new friend and finding out how much you have in common.  Let's give it a try!!!

There will be a memorial service for Rhoda Kestenbaum at the Clubhouse on Saturday, May 17th, 1:00 pm.  Please sign up if you plan to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 am.

Judy Marian shares a quote from Albert Einstein:  "Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving". 

April 29 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin was back and led us in prayer before the meeting with 50 people in attendance.

7 people are leaving this week so summer must be just around the corner!!!

New resident Larry Stroebeck was introduced by Mike Foust.  He and his wife Cheryl bought 159 Tammy Drive.  Welcome!

Happy Birthday was sung to Judy Marian, Linda Anderson and Phil Albarano.  No anniversary attendees.

Our president Jane informed us that Dave and Linda Burrows made it home to Rochester, NY safe and sound, and they say hello to everyone and miss Orange Acres already.

Judy Marian says the May Activity Calendars are ready and can be picked up at the clubhouse.  Thank you Elaine Albarano for making event changes and sending to the OA office for timely printing.  Hopefully this will continue each month, especially in the absence of a summer newsletter.  If there are  any changes, additions or eliminations involving your activity, please contact Elaine or Judy. 

Reminder of the Pancake Breakfast next Tuesday, May 6; $2.50 per person, last day for sign-up is Sunday.

Jan Mazer wants us to know that the National Day of Prayer is this Thursday, May 1 and will be celebrated at Payne Park between 6-7 pm.  Jan will have a prayer meeting at her home 9:30 am.

A board meeting of the Residents Association will be held 10:00 am next Monday,  May 5th at the clubhouse.

Jane Betts reminds everyone that any questions or concerns may be answered or resolved by calling any board member.  "Open Door Policy".

Charlene gave the Sunshine report.

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination.  The best is yet to come!!  Have a wonderful week!

April 22 - Tuesday

Sam Finley led 58 of us in prayer this morning.  There were 7 residents leaving this week.  Lois Weaverling introduced her sister-in-law Marilyn Beardsley who is visiting.  They provided the donuts today in memory of Lois's brother, Ed Beardsly and Marilyn's husband, who passed away last year.  Thank you!

We all sang Happy Birthday to Elaine Albarano.  Anniversary celebrants, Karen and Richard Rasske, were not present as they are preparing to leave this week-end.

If anyone lost a child's pink ball, it can be found at 120 Jeffrey Circle, Carol and Leo Joncas house. 

Jan Mazer informed us that Oscar Scherer State Park will have free admission in honor of Earth Day on Saturday, April 27, from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.  There will be many outdoor activities along with Kayak demonstrations, live music, food vendors, tram ride ($5.00 for adults, free under age 6), kids activities and more.  Come plant a Native Aquatic Plant at Lake Osprey!

Reminder by Marj Dunn - Bob Eastman's memorial service will be this Saturday, April 26, 11:30 am at the Community Center.

The final Bingo of the season will be this Wednesday night.  The last shuffle will be this Friday. 

There will be no beach party this month unless someone is willing to take it over!

Jane Finley and Mary Lou Lira have tickets for Windward Isles New Years Eve Extravaganza party, from 8:30 pm- 12:30am!  Tickets are $10.00 per person.

Pancake Breakfast reminder....May 6th, the first Tuesday in May.  Be sure to sign up now!

Meeting closed 8:20 am. 

April 15 - Tuesday

Mary Ryman, Betsy Chace, reporters; Hugh & Faye Spinney, photographer

Sam Finley led us in prayer this morning for 55 of us since Chaplain Kevin was away. 

A special thank you to Gary Snyder for his wonderful piano playing.

There were two more couples leaving this week.  We all gave a big hand to Dave and Linda Burrows who will be returning to New York permanently.  God Bless, good luck, we will all miss you.

Happy Birthday was sung to Faye Spinney.

Jane Finley and Mary Lou Lira already have tickets for Windward Isles New Years Eve Extravaganza party, from 8:30 pm- 12:30am!  Tickets are $10.00 per person.

Sue Morey has "The Passion of Christ" movie and if anyone is interested in viewing it, contact her to arrange a time at the Clubhouse.

Sue Morey is arranging a "three wheeler" ride this Thursday at 6:00 pm.  Only 3 wheels allowed, and all are welcome to join her for a ride around the park.  Meet at the Memorial Park, and anticipate 45 minutes of a leisurely ride. 

Reg Tays is leaving to go north next week and wants everyone to know that they can call him with any concerns or issues regarding FMO.  He shares that our membership is up 20% this year!  His phone number is in the Snowbird Directory, and anticipates returning to OA in November.

Bob Wiskeman would like anyone who has a frayed or torn American flag to please drop it off at his home, 47 Jeffrey Drive, and he will make arrangements for it's proper disposal.

Jim McDonald informed us that he will not be here to host the April beach party, as they are heading north soon.  If anyone else would like to volunteer, please let Jane Betts know.  Thanks, Jim  and Kathy, for great beach parties this season!  See you back in the fall!

The April Newsletters have finally arrived.  This is the last one for the season, the next publication will be this fall. 

Pancake Breakfast reminder....May 6th, the first Tuesday in May.  Be sure to sign up now!

Charlotte and Pauline will be hosting another Red Hat outing for May.  Don't miss out on a good time!

Mary Cowan has a craft box to give away.  If anyone is interested, stop by at 26 Jeffrey Drive.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 am.

Betsy Chace shares today's quip - "keep smiling.  It makes everyone wonder what you've been up to! " 

April 8 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter & Faye Spinney, photographer

Chaplain Kevin opened our coffee meeting with a prayer. 

This was Jane Betts first official meeting and she was given a warm welcome from 83 of us.


50/50 was held and the winners were Jim McDonald, Simone Gaulin and Jane Finley.  Congratulations to the lucky winners!

We will be losing two more residents for the summer--Marty and Mary Ellen Federici.  Have a great summer and see you back in the fall!

Happy Birthday to Betsy Chace, Shirley Tatlock and Sara Detweiler!  Happy Anniversary to Bob & Cindy Springer!

Rich McClowry informed us that there will be a lunar eclipse between next Monday night  and into Tuesday morning.  Get out your binoculars if you happen to be awake between 3-4:30 am (best viewing!)

Faye Spinney has found a set of keys at her house.  Are they yours? 

There will be a pancake breakfast the first Tuesday in May.  Sign up soon.

Only one more week to sign up as chairperson for several positions.  The 50th Anniversary Party is still open.  See Jane Betts if interested.

This Thursday, April 10, is the last day to submit news for the May Orange Acres Newsletter.  Bobbi Holden reported that the April Newsletter is in the final proof-reading stage and should be out soon.

Reverend Joe Stump will be officiating at Vespers this Sunday at 7 pm.  He needs help with setting up chairs and someone to lead the singing. 

Judy Marian has posted some information on the bulletin board (brown colored paper) regarding Microsoft & computer changes.  Take a moment to look it over and see if it involves your own computer.  Details will be the topic at today's computer class, Tuesday, 4:00 pm, at the clubhouse. 

Meeting adjourned 8:30 am

Remember....when nothing goes right...go left!! 

April 1 - Tuesday

Jane Betts, reporter

Our Tuesday began with sunshine, beautiful music and Rev. Kevin's prayer - what could be better?  91 of us showed up for tea, coffee, donuts and friendship as President Dave opened his last meeting.

The travel season has begun and seven residents are leaving this week for northern homes.

Jane Finley's guests came to coffee before their travels began.

Gary Snyder showed his musical good-sportsmanship by playing the piano as we all sang Happy Birthday to HIM!  We serenaded our two anniversary couples, Ron and Sally Gullick and Phil and Elaine Albarano.


Elaine Albarano reported that almost all the Snowbird Directories have sold.  A correction and new addresses for the Rymans and Burrows are posted on our bulletin board.

Carol Foltz thanked her co-chairs, models and all who helped make the ladies luncheon and fashion show a success.

Alice Stump modeled the "mystery hat" that was left at her home.  She would like it to be back with its owner.  Please call or see her.

Rev. Joe Stump reminded us of the need for helping hands before and after Vespers April 13, Sunday---and please attend - you'll be glad you did!

Phil Albarano unnecessarily apologized for the late coffee service -- the machines had been tampered with and slowed the process.  The coffee machines must NOT EVER be touched if you are not trained.

There is NO April 3 Potluck dinner.  If you would like to chair one in April - any Thursday - please contact Jane Betts 922-6375.

As President Dave Burrows said his farewells, he passed the gavel to Vice-President Jane Betts who will be Acting President Pro Tem through October 2014.  She thanked the Burrows and the Rymans for what they have meant to each of us and to Orange Acres - safe travels wished.

Meeting was adjourned by 8:30 am.

As the days bring changes, "Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from NOW and make a brand new ending".

Ladies Luncheon & Fashion Show
March 27 - Thursday

Lynne Butler, Photographer

There were 84 ladies enjoying the annual Ladies Luncheon and Style Show by Anthony's Ladies Apparel
held at Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club, Sarasota.

Orange Acres Models (left to right)
Judy Wilson, Carol Joncas, Linda Anderson, Paula Jacobson, Cheryl Hanenberg and Sara Detweiler.

Thanks to Chairperson, Carol Foltz (center) 
and Co-Chairpersons (left) Mary Ellen Federici and Lynne Butler.

The food and fashions were wonderful, a fun time for all.

March 25 - Tuesday

Mary Ryman, reporter
Hugh and Faye Spinney, Photographer

Our snowbirds are heading north with fewer residents in attendance each week. 
Judy Marian wishes everyone a safe journey, and wonderful summer.

There were no Birthday celebrants to sing Happy Birthday this morning, but Ed and Carol Foltz were here so we all sang Happy Anniversary!

Joan Collins, Dance chairperson for this season, was extremely happy with the number of tickets sold for the Dance on Friday evening.  There were 92 people who came to dance the night away to music by the Lynn's Spins.  This was the largest turnout on record, so the joint was jumping!  Thanks to Joan and everyone who helped make this a very successful event.

Carol Foltz reminded all ladies of the fashion show and luncheon this Thursday, March 27th at Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club.  Gathering begins 11:30 am, lunch at noon.  Tickets are available today at coffee by Carol Foltz or Lynne.  $17.00 residents, $22.00 guests.  We hope to see all the ladies there!

Jim McDonald reminded everyone of the Sunset Beach Party Monday, March 31 at 3:00 pm.  Bring your chair, snack and beverage.  We will meet between  lifeguard stands at Siesta Key Beach.  You can not miss the Orange Acres smiling face!  Hope to see everyone there as we make another sand sea creature.   

March 18 - Tuesday

Mary Ryman, reporter

Our Reverend Ed Sensenbrenner said the morning prayer for 76 of us, as Kevin was delayed in traffic with a semi-pick-up truck accident on I-75.

President David opened the meeting as we sang Happy Birthday to Linda McClowry and Sam Finley.  No Anniversary celebrants present.

Thank you from Mary Cowan to all who participated in her 90th Birthday party celebration. 


Barb Brown thanked all that helped with the Coronation of the "new royalty", Hugh and Faye Spinney.

Joan Collins reminded us of the last dance this season, Friday, March 21 from 7-10 pm.  Tickets will be sold at the door.  A new dance chairperson is needed next season, after 5 years, Joan is retiring.

Bob Springer confirmed the Eastern Caribbean Cruise is a go with 20 people already signed up for Feb 7-14, 2015.  There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board or see Bob if you have any questions.  The bus will pick up everyone here in OA since we have enough people signed up.

Jane Betts thanks everyone for attending the Planning Meeting this past Sunday.  Of our 48 total activities, only 1-2 remain open.  Thanks for all volunteers!

Lynne Butler reminded all ladies of the fashion show and luncheon March 27th at Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club.  Tickets are available at coffee by Carol Foltz or Lynne.  $17.00 residents, $22.00 guests.

Reg Tays told about the increased membership in FMO.  More still needed, so please join now if you have not already done so.

Phil Albarano announced that he and Fred St. James will do the Flea Market next year (2015) and will then retire.  Someone else will need to take over and it would be best if they see what goes on now to make the transition easy for future years.  Call Phil at 923-7427 or Fred 924-3925 with questions or how to help. 

Faye and Hugh Spinner wrote a thank you card to Orange Acres expressing their appreciation of being elected King and Queen of OA.

Shuffleboard players will have a pizza party at the community center this Friday, March 21 at 12:30 pm.

Gil Forler wants all golfers to know that April 1st will be the last day of the Tuesday mixed golf league this season.   

Regular meeting adjourned by President Dave Burrows.


Chaplain Kevin said the opening prayer and special prayers for all of those involved in the accident he encounter on the way here this morning.

President Dave Burrows opened the general meeting and introduced his current board members:  Vice President Jane Betts, Secretary Betsy Chace, Treasurer Elaine Albarano, Directors Phil Albarano, Ed Foltz, Fred St. James and Elaine Studer.

The prior meeting minutes were ready by Jane Betts, acting secretary for Betsy Chace who was out of town.  Treasurer minutes were read by Elaine Albarano.  When our year began November 1, 2013, balance was $5,383.81.  Current balance as of March 17, 2014, $9.221.53.  All committees are within budget and balance sheet looks good for the remainder of the year.  The next meeting will be with the new board, November 1, 2014.  Thanks to a great Flea Market that helps fund our numerous activities.

The new board members effective November 1, 2014:  President Jane Betts, Vice President Phil Albarano, Treasurer Elaine Albarano, Secretary Betsy Chace and Directors Ed Foltz, Bill Jacobsen, Fred St. James and Elaine Studer.

General Meeting adjourned.

March 13, 2014

Alan Duff, photographer

Congratulations Hugh and Faye Spinney, our new King and Queen

Behold the ROYAL CAKE!


The Orange Blossoms and Pitts (Buds) add melodies to memories.

Dave and Linda Burrows officially surrendered their crowns, and are now among the "defrocked".


Chairperson Barb Brown announced by her royal trumpeters Brannon and Lynne while Charlene the guardian angel presides.  Linda and Marty cover proceedings.


Skits galore include Ray with our youngest Brannon and Charley our oldest of the performers.