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New Web Master - Elaine Albarano

Orange Acres will have a new Website - coming soon! 

This may be my (Judy Marian) final OA posting update as Webmaster.  The OA Clubhouse is on VACATION through September 13th,  No meetings, activities or events during this time.  

Chaplain Kevin

Chaplain Kevin Hackett
For all spiritual needs:  1-877-322-2427 Ext 4253

Clubhouse closed from August 13, now extended through September 13, 2015. 

No Tuesday meetings, reports or clubhouse activities during this time.

Tuesday Coffee News August 11, 2015

Reported by Jane Betts in Betsy Chace's absence

What a way to start a day - sunshine, friends and neighbors, pancakes and Kevin's blessing for the 30 of us.  THANK YOU, Audrey and willing workers for a delicious breakfast.  It was all so good and fueled the morning!

Hugh THANKS also to Bob Beauregard for welcoming a crowd of us to enjoy that wonderful pizza, cold drinks and cookies!  Friends and food = Orange Acres!  Thanks, Bob!

For our brief August time, our thanks to Ramona and Charlene and Bob for coffee and donut detail!  September crew is Fred and Lela St. James and Mike Foust.

Jan Mazer graciously volunteered to chair the September Potluck, September 10th at 6:00 pm.  We thank her and she waits to hear from many helpers.

Please keep so many of our neighbors in your hearts and prayers:  Clyde Radel, Grace Sherry, Jim Rudolph, Bill Becker, Barb Brown, Charlie Parks and Ed Foltz.  Medical challenges keep them from us and we wish them well and full of peace.

A reminder of the closing of the club house on August 13 - 27th.  New floors are to be installed and for your safety - NO ONE is allowed inside during that time.  There will be no activities and no coffee meetings and No Admittance until August 28th.  Next gatherings - Sequence on August 31st and Tuesday coffee on September 1!  There is regret and apologies for any convenience.

OA Website Calendar and Homepage also updated to reflect August changes.

Enjoy a brief "vacation" and our wonderful rains and remember to ----
    "Pour out your laughter on a friend, shower someone with your smile and, please, don't rain on anyone's parade!" 

Tuesday Coffee News August 4, 2015

Reported by Jane Betts in Betsy Chace's absence

All 24 of us received Kevin's blessing this morning.  That number includes our welcomed travelers, Phil and Elaine Albarano and Audrey Young.  We sang our best wishes to birthday boy, Rick Wilson and anniversary celebrants, Rick and Judy Wilson.

Reminders to attend Pizza Party this Thursday at 6:00 pm and Pancake Breakfast next Tuesday morning.  We look forward to seeing some much missed neighbors as we enjoy our pizza.

A chairman is needed for our September Potluck dinner--please let Jane know.  September is around the corner!

The club house will be closed for some new flooring installation August 13 - 27th.  ALL activities - including Tuesday morning coffee--are on vacation.  Unless there are changes, all back to regular schedules as of August 28, 2015.  Changes will be posted on club house door.  Any questions, ask Office or Jane.

Neighbor news:  A lovely thank you card from Carol and Leo Joncas was read and posted.   Jane relayed her uplifting conversation with Barb Brown who recently had her Thyroid removed due to malignant cancer.  She had her first mega-dose of radiation and prognosis is 99.9% full recovery.  No cancer elsewhere and her prayers and ours are answered.  Our Barb returns to us late October.

Our thanks to Bob for coffee and Ramona and Charlene for donuts and set-up--it makes for a great way to touch base with friends and begin the day.

Things not to forget:  Always remember to forget the things that made you sad.  But never forget to remember the things that made you glad.  Always remember to forget the friends that prove untrue.  But never forget to remember those that have stuck by you.  Always remember to forget the troubles that passed away.  But never forget to remember the Blessings that come each day.

Tuesday Coffee News July 28, 2015

Reported by Jane Betts in Betsy Chace's absence

Once again our morning started right, as Kevin walked in the door with a smile and then gave the Lord's blessings for all 23 of us. 

We were happy to have Rick and Judy Wilson back with us for a short time and welcomed Ron Dick back home as we waved good-by to Joan Worden!

There were 3 birthdays and 2 anniversaries this week but no one for us to serenade. 

Bob Beauregard reminded us of the Pizza Party 8/6/15 at 6:00 - tell your neighbors to sign up.

Many thanks to Bill Jacobsen and Mike and Fran Foust for July's coffee and donut  duties.

The Club House will be closed early and thru mid-day Monday, August 3.  There is a Warrington family gathering to honor Amy's dad, Dale Strand who passed 7/21.

Mary Ryman had a birthday ride in a 1926 Model T and is now a member of the Riders Club!

Caroline Turner says Hi and reports great results from her recent back procedure.

Ed Foltz is doing very well after his Monday knee replacement - happy nursing care, Carol!

Big Cheer---Phyllis Mann reports Don is home - a blessing.

Carol Becker thanks everyone for cards and letters.  Bill is working had to get some of his speaking, reading and writing skills back.  Our prayers continue.  She adds, "we so appreciate our Orange Acres "family".

Mr. Sonny Wunderlich, #186 passed away.  There are no details from family.

Jane shares a weather report of a kind---"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass - it's about learning to dance in the rain".

Tuesday Coffee News July 21, 2015

Betsy Chace, Reporter

Cheryl Finley opened the meeting with a prayer for 25 of us this morning since Chaplain Kevin who was coming down from Tampa was delayed because of an accident.

Thelma Bloesing is back with us today.  She did enjoy her vacation very much but glad to be back in Florida!  Sam and Cheryl Finley will be leaving this week along with Phil and Elaine Albarano who will be away for 12 days.  Safe travels!

Bob Beauregard informed us there will be a free pizza and soda party for all residents on Thursday, August 6th at 6pm.  Guests or non-residents cost will be $2.50.  Be sure to sign up.

Elaine Albarano has a card going around for Bill Becker who had surgery last week for a brain tumor.  He is back home with Home Health coming in but doctors were unable to remove all the tumor.  He and Carol hope to return to Orange Acres but it all depends on his health.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

President Jane says Clyde Radel had a hip replacement and is doing well.  Don Mann had a fall recently, Grace Sherry and Charlie Parkes are about the same and Bill and Shirley Dodd are expecting to return again this winter.  Anyone with any news about our residents and with their approval, is welcome to report it at our meetings.

Jane also wants us to know that the punk trees and old water plant will now come down in the fall.  "MANAGEMENT DOES HAVE IT ON THEIR "TO DO LIST"!

Jane thanked Mike and Fran Foust for the donuts and Bill Jacobsen for coffee.

Chaplain Kevin blessed us all for a great week ahead.

The meeting closed at 8:20am.

Sunshine update from Carol Becker July 16th

Elaine Albarano shared information from Barbara, Orange Acres Office

Carol Becker called Barbara with an update relative to Bill's  surgery yesterday, July 15th.  It was a very long surgery but Bill should be released tomorrow and back home with home health care to assist.  Carol was very positive in talking with Barbara and looks forward to upcoming events she and Bill are planning to attend.  They expect to return to Florida in the Fall.   Thanks to Elaine for sharing this conversation.

Tuesday Coffee News July 14, 2015

Betsy Chace, Reporter

Our 50/50 was held this morning.  Ramona Armstrong was the big winner of $15.00!  Way to go Ramona!

Chaplain Kevin blessed 31 of us before we "chowed down" on our delicious pancakes and sausage.  A big thank you to Audrey and her crew for the wonderful breakfast and Bill Jacobsen for the coffee.

It was good to see Fran Foust and Eleanor Thoresen back with us again.  Sam and Cheryl Finley are here with their daughter.  Hugh and Faye Spinney will be going north to New Brunswick for 4-6 weeks, Audrey Young is leaving for New Hampshire for several weeks and Bob and Cyndee Springer will be away for a month.

There was no one present to sing Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary to.

Larry Stine fell at home and has problems with discs in his back.  Caroline turner will be having a procedure on the 20th for her back as well and Ed Foltz is having knee surgery.  There is also a notice on the website that Bill Becker will be having surgery tomorrow for a brain tumor.  Please keep all these residents in your thoughts and prayers.

Elaine Albarano read a thank you note from Ron Dick whose wife Linda passed away last month.

Adele Beauregard wishes to remind us that the Red Hat Ladies will be going to Cafe Baci on Tuesday, the 21st.  Be sure to sign up if you have not done so already.

President Jane humored us with empty-headed and foolish statements made by some famous and not so famous people!  We probably can all relate at some time or other.

The meeting closed at 8:30am.

Have a great week!  Stay dry, cool and healthy!

Sunshine update from Carol Becker July 10, 2015

Reported by Judy Marian

We thought Bill had a mini stroke, but this week we found out he has a brain tumor.  He will have surgery July 15th to remove the tumor.  The tumor has affected his speech, reading, writing and math calculations.  He is no longer taking phone calls.  I will update after we get the pathology reports in another week after surgery.  We are hoping for a good recovery and our goal is to fly to Sarasota November 8th.

Your Orange Acres friends and family send thoughts, prayers and get well soon wishes! 

Tuesday Coffee News July 7, 2015

Reported by Jane Betts in Betsy Chace's absence

Once again we began our Tuesday morning in fine fashion - a great cup of coffee and donut and a prayer from Chaplain Kevin!  28 of us received his blessings and thanked him.

It was another blessing to have Eleanor Thoresen back with us and hope for continued health improvements.

Bob and Vickie Hill have been with us for a short visit.  They leave Saturday and we'll see them again in November - wishing them safe travels.  Happy travels to Gary Snyder who is serenading his family in Ohio.

We had 4 birthdays and 1 anniversary this week and no one present to sing to!

Phil Albarano made two happy announcements: today is moving day for Elaine and him to #119 AND - he has gratefully accepted Bob Springer as his Vice President beginning November 1.  All sorts of CONGRATULATIONS!!  Thank you Bob!

Adele Beauregard announced the next Red Hat luncheon on July 21 at Cafe Bacci.  Please sign up - sheet on the board.

Our thanks to July's crew - Mike and Fran Foust for set up and donuts and Bill Jacobsen on coffee detail.  More big THANKS to Mary Lou Lira and Jane Finley for hostessing our July potluck.  It was a fine way to begin celebrating July 4th!

A $25.00 donation has been sent to the Claudette Joncas Lorden Scholarship fund.  This is to honor Leo and Carol's daughter, Claudette who died June 8th.

Happy July 14th, next Tuesday - - - - it is Pancake Breakfast - - - -please sign up!  Thanks, Audrey.

Please keep Charlie Parkes, Grace Sherry, Larry Stine and Betsy Chace in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with their health issues.  We wish them WELL!

President Jane closed with these thoughts: "When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could be worse ---and when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better!"

Comfort, hope and optimism all in one!  Keep on keeping on.

We were adjourned by 8:20 .

Tuesday Coffee News June 30, 2015

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin was back with us this morning and opened our meeting with a prayer

We increased our coffee count this week to 32!  Maybe because Bob and Vicki Hill are back with us, as well as Lois Weaverling.

Thelma Bloesing will be leaving us for several weeks to attend her son and daughter-in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary, Gary Snyder will be away for 6 weeks and Cheryl and Larry Strohbeck will be heading  back to Illinois.

Happy Birthday was sung to Lois Weaverling and Happy Anniversary was sung to Fred and Lela St. James who are celebrating 57 years and Mike and Fran Foust who are celebrating 10 years!

President Jane says Larry Stine is out of Doctors Hospital and back home with home health coming in.  Please, no visitors at this time.  Hugh Spimney reports that Caroline turner has a ruptured disc and is awaiting an MRI to see if surgery will be necessary.

Reminder:   The pot luck dinner is this Thursday, the 2nd.  The sign up sheet will be taken down today.
                  The pancake breakfast is on the 14th of July.
                   Bob Beauregard has agreed to chair the pizza party and movie to be held Thursday, August 6th.

The Hurricane information going out to all the residents is almost complete.

Ramona Armstrong is our new editor-in-chief for the Orange Acres Newsletter.  When it starts back up, getting information to her on time (by the 15th of the month) will be vital to its printing for the next month.  If you have any new ideas for what should be in the newsletter, please pass them along to Ramona.

Betsy Chace and Ramona Armstrong hosted a wonderful Red Hats luncheon at Ophelia's Pasta House yesterday.  A fun time was had by all!

President Jane thanked June's coffee helpers - Phil Albarano, coffee, Bob Beauregard for donuts, Gary Snyder for his wonderful music and Betsy Chace for her note taking.  July's crew is Bill Jacobsen, coffee, and Mike Foust, donuts.

The meeting closed at 8:30am.

Have a great week and keep smiling!!!

Tuesday Coffee News June 23, 2015

Betsy Chace, reporter

The 50/50 raffle was held today and Marion Holsing won $13.00.

Chaplain Kevin is on vacation this week so Charlene Sherman led 22 of us in prayer.

Reminder:  The Red Hats are going to Ophelia's Pasta House next Monday the 29th.  The last sign up day is Thursday.

The Pot Luck Dinner will be on Thursday, July 2nd.  Be sure to sign up.

Marj Dunn has been confined to her room because of an infection.  She welcomes calls and visitors.
Joy Moore's back is doing much better with less sciatic nerve pain.
Grace Sherry is following doctor's orders to feel better soon but Charlie Parkes is dealing with a lot of issues right now.
Our blessing and good cheer go out to all of those in need.

The information for Hurricane Preparedness should be out to everyone by the end of this week.

Jane thanked Hugh Spinney for running the 50/50, Betsy for her reporting, Phil for coffee, Bob Beauregard for donut duty and Gary for fine music.

The meeting closed at 8:09 am.

Tuesday Coffee News June 16, 2015

Betsy Chace, reporter

There were only 31 present this morning and Chaplain Kevin graced us with prayer.  We also need to pray for Kevin's daughter who is looking for another college to be able to internship at so she can finish her final year.

We welcomed back Bobbie Holden and are saying goodbye to the Delaney's and Kay Gyenes.  Safe travels!

Happy Birthday was sung to Bill Jacobsen but there was no one present for Anniversaries.

Reminder the Red Hats will be going to Ophelia's Pasta House in Nokomis on Monday, June 29th.  It will be a July 4th theme.  Be sure to sign up.  The food is "bene"!

Phil Albarano heard from Barb at the office that there was a shed broken into last Saturday night.  Please be sure to lock your cars and sheds and be very vigilant with what is going on in your immediate area.  With so many people gone for the summer, this is the perfect time for "the bad guys" to come around.  Also the back clubhouse door is still not closing properly.  Be sure it is locked when you leave.

Mary Lou Lira and Jane Finley will be hosting a potluck dinner on Thursday, July 2nd.  The sign-up sheet is on the board.

Hurricane information has been passed around this morning and all present indicated where they will be in case of evacuation.  The same information will be delivered to other homes in the park this week.

There is some information from Ruggeri Insurance on the back table.  There is enough interest to have Jane call and have an agent come out to speak with us in the near future.

The website is progressing nicely.  There is no date yet as to when it will be up and running.

Get well wishes go out to Caroline Turner.  She has back issues and needs our prayers and good cheer.

Our sympathy goes out to Leo and Carol Joncas in the death of their daughter.  Next week, Fran Foust will provide us with more information regarding a donation.

Thank you to Gary for his music, Phil for the coffee and Bob Beauregard for the donuts.

The meeting closed at 8:35am.

Have a warm "sunshiny" week!. 

Sad news to report
Submitted by:  Judy Marian

 Leo and Carol Joncas's daughter, Claudette L (Joncas) Lorden, age 50, passed away unexpectedly June 8, 2015 after a brave struggle with cancer.  She leaves her husband of 22 years, Sean P. Lorden, 3 children and her parents as well as many other family members and friends. 

A Funeral Mass will be celebrated Saturday June 13th at 11:00am at St. Mary's Church in N. Grafton. MA.

We extend our sympathy and prayers for all family and friends.