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Web Site Update for 2015

This web site host and domain name is currently in my name and secured for the 2015-2016 years   Photos are posted in one size only.  You may enlarge them using the keyboard or mouse with your computer, or pinch to make bigger on your tablet or smart phone.  If any Orange Acres resident is interested in helping or doing this web site, all positions are open! (html knowledge necessary).

Judy Marian

Chaplain Kevin

Chaplain Kevin Hackett
For all spiritual needs:  1-877-322-2427 Ext 4253

Golf Hole - in - One!

By:  Gil Forrler

March 24, 2015, was the last golf outing of the season.  Don Hostetler had a Hole-in-One on number 15 at Gulf Gate Golf Course.  Additional golf league members who witnessed this event were M.J. Smith, Bill Spires and Jim Barnett.  Congratulations!

Tuesday Coffee News March 31, 2015

Betsy Chace, reporter

Since Chaplain Kevin was away, Sam Finley led 68 of us in prayer this morning.

The Becker's have returned to Orange Acres after being away and the Spires, Spinney's and Strohbeck's will be leaving us.

Jeff Warrington was our special guest today.  He wanted us to know that all the flags we see coming into Orange Acres are from survey crews working on a proposed design for an interchange at Clark Road which is probably years away from completion.  He also wanted us to know that there are informational brochures at the office regarding safety awareness in the community, maintenance and emergency issues.  There is a list for snow birds returning North with good information about turning off your water, putting down awnings, etc.  Also in case of a hurricane, residents must be diligent in making sure their homes are prepared and ready for such a disaster.  The old water plant on Jason recently had a crew there to assess the asbestos situation and the goal is to demolish the unsightly structure by the end of the summer.  The "punk" trees around the area will also be cut down.  Jeff said we may put in a good word for any employees who go above and beyond the call of duty by filling out a "Wahoo" maintenance card for work well done.  The same applies to work not to your approval.

Happy Birthday was sung to Gary Snyder.  Happy Anniversary was sung to Phil and Elaine Albarano who are celebrating 45 years!  Congratulations!

Charlene gave her sunshine report.

Speakers:     Elaine, Paula and Mary Ellen wished to thank all who attended the Ladies Luncheon and enjoyed the Drapers and Damons fashion show.
                    Pat Tays says the next Potluck is on Thursday, April 16th with Steve Ditchfield singing.  The cost os $2.00.  The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board.
                    Reg Tays says the next FMO meeting will be on Monday, April 6th at 1:30 pm at Bahia Vista Estates.
                    Jane Finley already has tickets for the Windward Isles New Year's Eve Party.  They are $10.00 pp and light refreshments will be served.  BYOB and snacks.
                    Barb Brown says the dance last Friday was fantastic and she is holding another "Sock Hop" on Saturday, April 18th from 7-10 pm.  Please bring a donation for the food barrel.
                    Charlie Parkes told his weekly joke.  Keep them coming Charlie!

Our President Jane said she received a basket from Sarasota Rand Rehab thanking us for having so many patients come to them from Orange Acres.  Jane also thanked the coffee crew and Gary for his wonderful music.

There will be a Residents Association Board meeting Monday, April 6th at 10 am.

Charlie Parkes has decided to retire from chairing the Memorial Day festivities.  Anyone who might be interested in taking over, please contact Jane at 922-6375 between 9 am - 9 pm.

The meeting closed at 8:50 am.

Remember:  Aspire to inspire before you expire!

Have a grand week!            

Tuesday Coffee News March 24, 2015

Betsy Chace, reporter

The 50/50 raffle was held this morning.  The winners were Judy Chieffo, Phil Albarano and Ed Foltz who each won $13.00.

Chaplain Kevin opened our meeting with prayer for 71 of us. 

We have 4 residents leaving us.  Bill and Shirley Dodd and Don and Ruth Hostetler, who will return in the fall.

Sharon Leonard, a friend from Ohio, is visiting Bill and Sandra Spires.

Happy Anniversary was sung to Ed and Carol Foltz who are celebrating 44 years.

Charlene gave her sunshine report.

Speakers:  Elaine Albarano - The ladies luncheon is this Thursday at Stoneybrook CC with a fashion show to follow by Drapers and Damons.  This is the last Tuesday for getting your snowbird directory at coffee hour.  If you need one, you can pick one up at Elaine's at 108 Loren Drive.
                Adele Beauregard says to come to "Sam's Waterfront Bistro" at 111 Loren Drive, Friday between 5 pm and 6:30 pm before the dance at the clubhouse,
                Sue Morey will be showing the movie "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" at the clubhouse Thursday at 7 pm.  Bring your own snacks and soft drinks!
                Linda Anderson thanked all who came to the pot luck and enjoyed watching the movie "Andre".
                Barb Brown says the last dance of the season is this Friday night with the Lynn Spins.  The theme is "Glitter" and it is from 7 pm - 10 pm.  Also the poster is up for the pot luck on April 16th with Steve Ditchfield entertaining.
                Jim McDonald is planning on having a beach party at Siesta Key on Monday the 30th.  Look for signs!
                Charlie Parkes entertained us with his weekly joke. 
                Our esteemed President Jane gave many thanks to the Residents Association Board members and all the others who helped make Saturday's cookout a great success!  And the food was delicious, especially the cake!!

The family of Ann Subrizi, who recently passed away, will be holding services in Maryland on April 4th.  No other information is available at this time.

Please keep Ray Bergeron in your thoughts and prayers.  He is suffering from pericarditis which is an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the heart and is very painful.  The doctors say his heart is fine, he is on medication, but it will take time to heal.  God Bless you Ray!

The meeting was closed at 8:30 am

Enjoy the sunshine. 

Tuesday Coffee News March 17, 2015

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin opened the meeting with prayer for 70 of us this St. Patrick's Day morning!

Carol Foltz has her sister, Jackie, visiting from Pennsylvania.  Al and Lyn Duff have their grandson, Brannon, visiting from Toronto and Thelma Bloesing has her son Bill visiting from Michigan to celebrate her 97th Birthday. 

Happy Birthday was sung to Ed Foltz, Caroline Turner, Sam Finley, Mary Cowan and Linda McClowry.

Charlene gave her sunshine report.

Shirley Tatlock and John Pugh thanked all of those who came to their coronation.

Phil Albarano thanked all who attended the planning meeting on Sunday and almost all events are covered.  Reminder that Saturday is the free cookout from noon to 2:00 pm.  Today is the last day to sign up.

Elaine Albarano reminded us that the Ladies Luncheon is Thursday the 26th at Stoneybrook CC with a fashion show following.  Also, the snowbird directories are available for $3.00 and will be sold during coffee hour or you can contact her and she will see you get one.

There is another update from Jan Mazer posted on the bulletin board.

Jim McDonald says there should be no problem with this momth's beach party on the 30th at Siesta Key.

Jane reminded us that pot luck is this Thursday with movie "Andre" to follow.

Barb Brown thanked all those who helped her make the coronation such a success!  A thank you was given right back to Barb for all her hard work and doing such a fine job!

Amy Warrington has found a key - if you have lost one, please go to the office.

There will not be any computer classes this week or next.

There is an error on the April Calendar.  The pot luck is on the 16th, not the 6th.!

Charlie Parkes had a wonderful Irish joke to share.

The meeting closed at 8:25 am

Wouldn't it be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer for 10 minutes, come out wrinkle free and 3 sizes smaller?!

Have a great week!

Saturday, March 14
Uganda Update

Posted by Judy Marian

Jan Mazer's latest update is posted on the Travel bulletin board in the clubhouse.
Jan is 2/3 complete with her African adventure in Uganda. 
Be sure to stop by and read all about it!!

Tuesday- March 10

Al Duff, photographer

79 people in attendance along with a 50/50 raffle before coffee meeting.

New neighbors, Michael & Janet Woods, 230 Jason Drive

Tuesday Coffee Meeting News - March 10

Betsy Chace, reporter

"The 50/50 raffle was held this morning before the meeting.  The winners were Reg Tays, Bill Spires and Jan Thomas who each won $15.00!
Chaplain Kevin led 79 of us in prayer to open the meeting.
Reg Tays spoke to us about FMO and encouraged all of us to join if we have not already.  There are 91 members from our park.  The more members we have, the more our voice will be heard in Tallahassee.
Jane Finley's son David is here visiting with his wife and children.
Caroline Turner introduced new residents, Janet and Michael Woods who reside at 230 Jason Drive.  They are originally from Indiana.  Welcome!
Happy Birthday was sung to Ed Marian and Thelma Bloesing.
Charlene gave her sunshine report.
Ramona Armstrong and Frank Sauer won the partners billiards tournament on Saturday.  Ramona sunk the 8 ball to win.  Richard Rasske won the individual billiards tournament on Monday with Bob Beauregard runner-up.  Congratulations to the winners and we all look forward to next year!
Reminders - Barb Brown says the Coronation is this Thursday evening at 7 pm.  We say a fond farewell to Hugh and Faye and a new King and Queen will be crowned.  A photographer is needed.  Rehearsal for skits is at 1 pm today and 3 pm on Thursday.
         Phil Albarano says this Sunday, the 15th is planning meeting at the clubhouse at 3 pm.  Cookies are needed,
         Jane says the Pot Luck dinner is Thursday the 19th with a movie following titled "Andre".
         The Orange Acres Cookout is Saturday, the 21st from noon to 2 pm.  This is FREE to all OA residents.
         Mary Ellen Federici says the Ladies Luncheon at Stoneybrook Country Club is Thursday, March 26th with a fashion show to follow by Drapers and Damons.  tickets are $17.00 for residents and $23.00 for guests.
         Paula Jacobsen says the last OA dance this season is Friday, the 27th from 7 to 10 pm with music by the Lynn Spins.
         Elaine Albarano says there will be no iPad or computer class today and they will not start up again until March 31st.  When Judy returns, the classes will be combined from 4-5:00 pm every Tuesday through April.
Charlie Parkes told his joke of the week.
Jane wished to thank Rev. Joe for a wonderful Vespers, Gary Snyder for his music, Bill Spires for an excellent billiards tournament, the Ferrittos for free donuts today and all the coffee crew.
The meeting adjourned 8:45 am
Have a great week!"

Tuesday Coffee Meeting News - March 3

Mary Ryman, reporter

"There were 83 present.  Kevin was not here this morning as he was having eye surgery.  Ed Sensenbrenner gave the prayer.

It was State T-shirt day, and the winner was Ohio with 14 1/2.  Pennsylvania was second with 13 and Michigan third with 10 people present.  The numbers are not near as great as they used to be!

The Whist party is this Thursday, March 5th at 7 pm.  Bring your $ and have fun.

Returned resident Gerri Shearer is here for a visit, staying with Marilyn Garvin.  Marilyn's brother Paul Moffitt and Karen had their son and daughter-in-law visiting with their baby daughter.  Paul said he has been up early 3 mornings in a row!  Grandbabies will do that.

Ed Sensenbrenner introduced 4 of his early school days friends, also from Ohio. 

Mike Foust was the only Birthday celebrant in attendance and no anniversaries.

Jane thanked all the workers for February.

Speakers:  Phil Albarano:  Reminder of Planning meeting Sunday, March 15th at 3 pm.  Positions are open for next year so please sign up.  Elaine Albarano:  Ladies Luncheon at Stoneybrook Golf & Country club on March 26th at noon.  $17.00 for residents, $23.00 for guests.  Bill Spires is hosting billiards (pool) tournament Saturday and Monday.  See the Calendar for times and details.  All fans and cheerleaders are welcome.  John Pugh needs volunteer for April Coffee and Donut duty.  No donuts in April if no one volunteers.  Bob Springer had 2 cancellations for Strawberry Festival.  If interested in going, call Bob at 641-330-2052.  The bus will come to Orange Acres at 8:45 am

Joe Stump will host Vespers Sunday March 8th at 7 PM.  Ed Sensenbrenner said the choir will be singing Let There Be Peace on Earth

Barb Brown said the coronation will occur the 12th of March at 7 PM and the new king and queen will be introduced while past kings and queens will be honored.  She still needs cake cutters, punch and coffee makers.

The March potluck has been moved to the 19th and there will be a movie shown.

If you received a mailing from a water company tear it up.  It is a scam.  The same applies should someone attempt to enter your home representing the water company.  Refuse entry and notify the office immediately.

Barb Brown received something from Citizen's Insurance as did others and Bobbi Holden suggested they contact the office for clarification.

Jane asked if we would like to have speakers at coffee on different topics, and the consensus was yes but not every week"

The meeting ended 8:50 am

Beach Party - February 23

Photo by Ed Foltz

Everyone had a wonderful time! 
Thanks to Jim McDonald and Kathy for arranging a fun day.  Hope to see everyone in March!

Uganda, Africa
An update from Jan Mazer

Submitted by Judy Marian

The most recent correspondence from Jan (February 20th) has been printed and posted on the Orange Acres Community Center Travel Bulletin board,  along with those received previously.  This is her second month in Uganda, helping with medical clinics and teaching.    

Jan wears a mask to help with air pollution.  Jan helping in the children's medical clinic.

Jan enjoys helping where she can in Uganda.  She relaxes with teacher Ryoko after a long, hot day.

February 24 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter

Coffee Hour

Our 50/50 raffle was held before the meeting this morning.  The three winners were Charlie Parkes, Jane Finley and Ron Holsing, who each won $14.00.  Congratulations!
Chaplain Kevin gave the prayer for 81 of us today.
Maxine Mock will be heading back to Michigan with her daughter, son and daughter- in law Ashley.
Bill Dodd's son Rick and his wife Kim are here from West Virginia to celebrate Shirley Dodd's birthday.
Leonard Livingood's sister Joanne is here visiting from Indiana.
Ed Foltz, whose daughter Tara is visiting but sleeping in this morning, introduced Tara's friend Daylyn Guthrie from Virginia.
The Detweilers's have family from Michigan visiting as well.
Happy birthday was sung to Shirley Dodd, Bob Beauregard, and Donald Hostetler.
There were no Anniversaries this week.
Charlene gave her sunshine report.
Charlie Parkes was our first speaker of the morning and he told us his weekly joke! LOL
Linda Anderson thanked the 57 ladies who attended the tea and all who helped to make it a success.  The hula dancer was terrific!
Bob Beauregard says the whist party is this Thursday at 7pm.  Bring $1.00 and wear your name tag.
Fran Foust says Greg Ferritto's memorial service this Friday begins at the National Cemetery at 11:30am with lunch to follow at the clubhouse from 1pm to 3pm.  Please be sure you have signed up.
Bob Springer says the bus to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City on Thursday, March 5th to see the Oakridge Boys is full.
Barb Brown says the "Sock Hop" last Friday was a great time had by all.  Bill and Paula Jacobsen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary dancing to tunes from the 50's, 60's and more!  Barb thanks all those who helped set up, take down, decorate, etc.
The coronation will be on Thursday, March 12th at 7pm and Barb is still looking for more talent and anyone wishing to help.
Elaine Albarano, Paula Jacobsen, and Mary Ellen Federici are the hostesses for the Ladies Luncheon to be held on Thursday, March 26th at Stonybrook Country Club starting at 12 noon.  Tickets are $17.00 for Orange Acres Residents and $23.00 for guests.  Please buy your tickets from either hostess.  Following the luncheon there will be a fashion show by Drapers and Damon's.
Phil Albarano announced that there will be a planning meeting for next year's activities on Sunday, March 15th at 3:00 pm.  There is a list on the bulletin board for residents to sign up to host or help with  events.
Phil says the flea market was fabulous!! We went over and above from last year!  We made $5465.00!! $500.00 of that was from Mary Cowan's quilt!  Thank you Mary!  Also a big thank you to all who helped make it such a success.  And because it WAS such a great success, the Residents Association Board members will host a Thank You cookout, FREE to all Orange Acres residents on Saturday, March 21st from 12 noon to 2:00pm!  You must, however, sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board.
The March calendar is out and the newsletter should be coming shortly.
Next Tuesday is State T-shirt day!  Come to coffee wearing your "bragging rights" shirt!!
Linda Anderson and Sally Guillick have agreed to host the pot luck on Thursday, March 5th at 6:00pm.  Thank you ladies for coming forward.
The billiards tournament on Saturday the 7th and again on the 9th did not make the calendar, so please mark it down.
There will be no I-Pad or I-Pod or computer class today as Judy is away. 
The beach party was yesterday.  In spite of a foggy sunset everyone had a great time.
Jane wanted everyone to know that there has been a misunderstanding about the notes taken at coffee.  My name and Jane's are usually there as reporters.  I do my best to remember what is said, I write up my notes and send them off to Jane to edit and then they are ready for our website.  Some editing and embellishing has been done recently without names but the situation has been amicably rectified and should no longer be an issue.
There will be a Warrington event on April 11th but will not affect the clubhouse.  It will be open.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 am.
The daily prayer:       Lord grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the friends to post my bail when I finally snap!!
Have a great week!

Update from your OA Webmaster, Judy Marian,
February 24, Tuesday, 2015

Update on iPad and iPhone classes:  We will continue into March due to recent February cancellations.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but hope to see everyone Tuesday, March 3 at the community center from 3:30-4:00 pm!  Thanks for your understanding!  Sorry, I do not offer iPod (music) classes at this time.

February 17 - Tuesday, 2015

Betsy Chace, Jane Betts, reporters

This morning began with pleasant words from Chaplain Kevin as he blessed the 88 of us.  He then had the honor to draw the winning raffle ticket for Mary Cowan's beautiful quilt.  Peggy Killinger thanked everyone for supporting her mom's project as she achieved her goal and added $500.00 to our Flea Market balance.

Carol Beson, the winner, from Camelot East with Mary Cowan, quilter supreme, from Orange Acres

We welcomed returned residents Dan and Alice Callahan, all the cruise and beach vacationers as well as Joan Warden's son-in-law Peter and the Sensenbrenner's friend Fred both visiting from the frozen North.

Birthday and anniversary members were not present so we could not enjoy the group melodies so often performed.

Charlene gave her sunshine report followed by a quiz.  The answer was Abraham Lincoln.

Today's speakers were:

Sue Morey advised the film Mandela, A Long Walk to Freedom will be shown at the clubhouse Thursday 2/19 @ 7:00 PM.  Admission is free and BYOB and popcorn are features for personal edification.

Phil Albarano noted with great relief "The flea market is over!"  Heartfelt and thankful words, especially for Phil and naturally his many helpers and those who donated their treasures throughout the year.  Special thanks to wife, Elaine, neighbors Fred and Lela St James and do-all guy John Pugh.  Without their patience, advice and ongoing support the endeavor would not have been as successful.  The list of volunteers was lengthy and impressive and comments from the treasure hunters themselves that this was one of the most anticipated flea markets in the area on an annual basis were greatly appreciated.  Community members contributed a total of $1600 to the coffers on the night before the official opening and final tallies are still being determined but  the anticipated number will exceed $4,000.  Great program as barked by the "New Hugh", Ed Marian. 

Final comment from Phil:  "It took Fred and I 365 days to collect all the treasurers and the volunteers 45 minutes to move it from the chicken farm to the clubhouse!"  Job well done by all.

Linda Anderson reminded all that Tea Time is this Thursday 2/19 at 2:00 PM in the clubhouse and tropical finery is the dress of the day.  Don't forget your teacup and hat.  Set up help would be appreciated after Bingo 2/18.  Thank you in advance.

Barb Brown advised that the "Sock Hop" dance will be held this Friday, 2/20 at the clubhouse from 7 to 10 PM.  It is free but attendees are encouraged to bring donations for the Food Barrel as well as your own snacks and refreshments.

On a related note from Barb people are needed for all kinds of positions for the coronation which occurs 3/21 so please let her know of your availability.

Bill Spires advised that a sign up sheet exists for the upcoming Billiard's tournament March 7 thru 9 and welcomed all aspiring players.  Experience is not a necessity and for the  potential winners is not encouraged.  (Editors comment, not Bill's).  Additionally Bill indicated a need for more choir voices for Vespers and indicated rehearsal is scheduled for 1/23.  Please contact Bill if interested.

Bob Beauregard noted the next Whist Party is Thursday 2/26 in the clubhouse at 7:00 PM and thanked Barb Brown for the lovely new Whist Party sign.  Do not forget to bring your $$$.

Bob Springer mentioned the upcoming Strawberry Festival scheduled for March 5 outside the park and noted the bus is full.  However he is preparing a "wait list" for those who may still wish to attend.  Contact him at your convenience.

Jim McDonald shared his thoughts re: the upcoming beach party 2/23 @ 3:00 PM at Siesta Beach.  Due to construction the parking lot is a challenge and even our earlier venue is in jeopardy there.  However the ever present signs in the community here as well as at the beach next week will direct you accordingly.

The inimitable and much anticipated Charlie Parkes once again shared his stories and the insights of a young man inquiring as to church services.  Laughter is its own best medicine.

Comments from our esteemed leader:

Amy Warrington advises that entrance doors are now repaired and our pin numbers are operational once again.  Thanks to all for your patience.

Management requests that when automobiles are parked in the lot across from the community center for more than 24 hours the owners of the vehicles give their names and phone numbers to the management in case of an emergency.  Thank you.

Articles for the March Observer are due by 2/15 if you wish to have them included.  This is a one time extension of the grace period.  If you didn't make it please ask for a "late is not too late" if you swear to never be late again!

Thanks today to Gary for his wonderful melodies, Sally G for her donut duties and fill-in Phil for his excellent java.  (get well wishes to Bill J. too) and naturally a big thanks to Mary C. for covering us with lovely threads of love.

Have a great week and remember "Let your success-in anything-be measured by he happiness in your heart" 

February 10 - Tuesday, 2015

An update from Jan Mazer

Dear Friends and Supporters,

   I have been off and running from the time I arrived at almost midnight January 8th.  We have completed our 5th clinic where we found 12 people we scheduled for surgery.  Some were severely bow legged, eye problems, large goiters the size of grapefruits and various others.  We gave de-worming meds to over 1,600 kids.  We also gave medication to over 1,000 adults and children.  Our clinics have 7 stations for de-worming, taking temperatures, vitals, done by doctors (we have 4 Ugandans).  Malaria, glucose testing is done by a 5th doctor, and glasses provided for anyone over 40 years of age and medications.  I have been in charge of writing the names of people on bags for the meds.

   It has been really interesting seeing the slums and horrible conditions that these people live in, yet they have smiles, a desire to live and just love the Lord so much.  They call the Lord "Daddy" instead of "Father".

Until next time,

Love, Jan

Teachers Ryoko and Jan with sponsored Peter.  Peter came from Childrens Home to attend secondary school.  Greeting the students

25 of 39 students of Grace High School.  Jan getting BBQ Goat for lunch, a good value $2.50

Tuesday Coffee News

Mary Ryman, Ed Marian, reporters
Al Duff, photographer


Ed Sensenbrenner gave the opening prayer for 85 of us this morning.

None were leaving as they were happy to be here in Florida to escape all the snow up north (Especially Boston).

Guests visiting were introduced:  Joan Warden's daughter Jodi, Ramona  Armstrong's in-laws, and Sara Detweiler's sister and husband , Marge and Ray.

Eleven birthday's were announced but Charlotte Butland was the only one present.  Three anniversaries and two couples were present:  Ron and Marion Holsing, and Bill and Paula Jacobsen .

Charlene gave her sunshine report.

There is a sign up sheet posted for Greg Ferritto's memorial service on February 27th. 1-3pm.  Be sure to sign up if you plan to attend.

Phil Albarano talked about the upcoming Flea Market this week-end.  Set up will be Wednesday after Bingo.  Thursday morning, 8:00 am, coffee and donuts will be served to all workers (to get a sugar high) and then the real work begins.  The community center will be closed for all other activities.  Friday, 8:00 am, the final pricing of items will take place. Friday from 3-5pm  Orange Acres residents may shop early,   YOU MUST WEAR YOUR NAME TAG TO PRE-PURCHASE ANY ITEMS!  This is for "OWNERS or QUALIFIED RENTERS ONLY"!  If there are any questions, see Phil Albarano.  Saturday the sale begins for the general public at 8:00 am.  All helpers should arrive between 7-7:30 am.  Hoping to have a great day!

The Orange Acres Flea Market Lunch is on Saturday from 10:30 am - 2:00 pm. 

There is also time to purchase a raffle ticket for Mary Cowan's blue and white quilt.  The big drawing will take place at coffee, next Tuesday, February 17th.  See Mary or Peggy Killinger to purchase tickets:  3 for $5.00 or $2.00 each.

After the sale, Sara Detweiler's church will be picking up all the remaining items and remove them for further charities and put to good use. 

Linda Anderson reminded the ladies about the upcoming tropical theme tea, and wear a fun hat!  Be sure to bring your best tea cup!  Free to all Orange Acres residents!

Jane Finley remind all about the Windward Isle Valentines Dance on  February 14th at 7:30 - 11:00 pm.  There will be a 50/50 drawing.  She also told us about the upcoming pancake breakfast at Cedar Cover on February 22nd.  Let us support our sister community!

Sally Gullick (through Jane Betts) reminded us to have our baked goods brought to the community center by NOON on Friday for the Flea Market Bake Sale so all items can be priced before the event.

Bill Spires announced the choir rehearsal on Monday at 4:00 pm for practicing two songs for Vespers. 

Bill also mentioned the upcoming mixed billiards (aka "pool") tournament on March 7, 2015 and the single tournament the following week, on March 14th. Sign up soon!

Ed Marian read the message Judy received from Jan Mazer in Uganda.  It is posted on the "Travel" bulletin board as well as on the web site, along with the most recent photos of Jan.  She has been there one month with two more months remaining.  Prayers for her continued good health!

Barb Brown thanked all that helped with the soup, salad and sandwich pot luck.  The food and entertainment was great!  There were 120 places set and almost all were filled.

Barb also reminded everyone of the Free "Sock Hop" on February 20th and you only have to bring an item for our food barrel.  Please help the All Faiths Food Bank!

Barb also reminded us of the upcoming Coronation on March 12th and court jesters, and other singing, dancing, comedy, etc "stars" are needed,  as the skits are still being directed!

Our Observer newspaper is expected to be delivered by block captains later today.  Reminder:  The Observer news deadline is the 15th of month prior to publication.  Submit your news NOW for the March newsletter.  Plan ahead!!  Send by e-mail, in person, or drop off at the office drop shoot. 

The Community Center will be closed for all regularly scheduled events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday due to the Flea Market.

Chaplain Kevin closed the meeting with prayer.

Thanks to "being here" and have a great week ! (Be glad you are not in Boston with all that snow!) 

Soup, Salad & Sandwich Pot Luck
February 5, 2015

Al Duff, Photographer


The Orange Acres Soup,  Salad & Sandwich Pot Luck was delicious, nutritious and well attended. 
Many community members  enjoyed the repast.

The entertainment brought us all back to earlier days as we all recalled wonderful memories from "back in the day"!   

February 3 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter, Al Duff, photographer

There were 87 coffee attendees.  The donuts and muffins are sweet and plentiful.  February is a busy month for snowbirds.

Since Chaplain Kevin was caught in heavy traffic this morning, Reverend Ed Sensenbrenner led 87 of is prayer to open the meeting.

Jane thanked all the coffee crew from last month and this month as well.

Bob and Linda Federici and Maxine Mock were back with us once again.  Maxine introduced her son John and daughter Jan, who are visiting.

Happy Birthday was sung to Richard McClowry, Alice Stump and Charlotte Butland.

Charlene gave her sunshine report.

Phil Albarano says this is the last Tuesday to update the Snowbird Directory so he and Elaine can have it printed and ready for distribution by early March.  Please remember to include your birth year, as this comes in handy if and when emergencies happen.

Please save your newspapers and bags for the flea market.  You can drop them off at the clubhouse.  Set up for the flea market will begin Wednesday after Bingo.  Thursday morning at 9:00 am, we will begin to bring in items and mark prices for sale.  Between 3-5:00 pm on Friday, the clubhouse will be open to Orange Acres residents only.  YOU MUST WEAR YOUR NAME TAG to purchase items.  On Saturday, the doors open at 8 am for the general public.  Please sign up for what you would like to do to help, i.e. mark prices, help with lunch, cashier, bake sale, etc.  You may do more than one thing which would be greatly appreciated.

Rich McClowry would like to get a small group of people together to attend spring training games at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota.  There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board or you can contact Rich at (814) 227-7374.

Reminders:  (1) Reg Tays:  Orange Acres is hosting the FMO meeting on Monday, February 9th with the new President for District 8 presiding.  Cookies are needed for refreshments at 1 pm with the meeting following at 1:30 pm. (2) Linda Anderson:  Ladies Tea is February 19th at 2 pm.  The theme is tropical.  Wear your hat and bring your teacup!  (3) Jane Finley:  Windward Isles dance is February 13th from 7:30 - 11:00 pm.  BYOB and snacks.  See Jane for tickets.  (4) Barb Brown:  Soup, salad, sandwich pot luck is this Thursday.  The cost is $2.00 for entertainment.  Also, the FREE Sock Hop is on Friday, February 20th.  All she asks is you bring a donation for the food barrel.  Also, please be thinking about your talents for the upcoming coronation.  If you sing, dance, play a musical instrument, like to amuse...anything will be welcomed so let Barb know!

Bill Spires announced there will be a Billiards Tournament at noon on Saturday, March 7th.  Anyone is welcome to come and show their skill.  Sign up now!

Yesterday was choir rehearsal for Vespers.  More singers are needed.  Come and sing for a good cause.  Reverend Ed Sensenbrenner says Vespers is this Sunday, February 8th, at 7:00 pm.  There will be a basket for donations to the All Foods Bank.  Everyone is welcome.

Windward Isles is having their annual Trash and Treasures sale this Saturday, February 7th with pancake breakfast from 8:00 - 10:30 am and a sausage lunch from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Jane informed us that management has said the clubhouse will now be open from 8 am to 5 pm and will no longer require a code during this time.

Mary Cowan still has raffle tickets available for her quilt and more jewelry is needed for the flea market table.

Chaplain Kevin closed our meeting with a prayer at 8:55 am.

Betsy shares a thought for the week:  Well, I've finally reached the wonder years!  Wonder where my car is parked?  Wonder where I left my phone?  Wonder where my sunglasses are?  Wonder what day it is?

Have a great week!! (Thanks, Betsy) 

January 27 - Tuesday, 2015

Betsy Chace, Reporter

Our 50/50 raffle was held this morning with three winners, each winning $15.00; Ron Holsing, Faye Spinney and Jan Thomas.

Chaplain Kevin was running late with heavy traffic, so Reverend Ed Sensenbrenner opened the meeting with a prayer for 85 of us this week.

We Welcomed back Rick & Judy Wilson.  Ed Marian introduced their visitors, Bob & Nyla McAlpine, from Michigan.

Happy Birthday was sung to Wilma Jordan and Jan Silverman.

Charlene gave her sunshine report.

Barb Brown had several reminders:  Pool exercises will not resume until the weather gets warmer.  More soups are needed for the pot luck on Thursday, February 5th. and the "Sock Hop" is Friday, February 20th.

Phil Albarano wished to thank Jane Betts and Barb Brown for their help in cleaning out the old costume closet.  Now there is much needed space for supplies.

Next Tuesday is the last day to make changes to the snowbird directory before being finalized and submitted for printing, hopefully completed by early March.

We are all set to go for the flea market on Valentines Day, February 14th.  If you have items for pick up, please call Phil at 923-7427.  The club house will be closed Thursday and Friday, February 12th and 13th, for set-up and pricing of items.  Saturday will be "open for business" at 8:00 am.

Due to the flea market prep and sale, the computer center will be closed and "off limits" on Thursday and Friday, February 12 - 13th.  Tables will be prepared immediately following Bingo on February 11th.  It was suggested that you save plastic bags and newspapers for wrapping and packing flea market sale items. 

The jewelry committee needs more jewelry for the flea market table.  Please go through those gently-used items and those you no longer wear and donate them to our jewelry committee to sell at our flea market.  Those clip-ons you don't wear anymore would be greatly appreciated!  It has always been a great success, so let us continue!

Bob Springer has information on a bus trip to The Holy Land near Orlando on March 5th.  The cost is $80.00 per person and reservations must be in by February 15th.  If more than 16 people sign up, the bus will pick everyone up here at Orange Acres.  Other events coming up will be posted on the bulletin board.  If you need a copy of the Ship n Shore listing, please make a photo copy for yourself and do not remove  from the bulletin board.

Linda Anderson reports the Ladies Tea, February 15th at 2:00 pm will have a tropical theme so wear your special tropical clothing and a hat!  The sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board and there is no fee for residents. 

Sue Morey will be presenting a movie in the community center this Thursday evening at 7:00 pm  The title is "The Help".  Sue also asks that anyone who likes to sing, meet at the clubhouse this coming Monday, February 2nd at 4:30 pm to prepare for Vespers on February 8th.  Everyone is welcome!

A strange truck was seen driving around our area in Orange Acres this past Sunday.  If you see anything suspicious or unusual, please call the proper authorities or the office right away.  It is better to be safe than sorry!

Charlie Parkes once again told is weekly joke.  Where do you get them all from Charlie? You always make us laugh!!

Many thanks to Janice Mayette and her crew for a very successful ice cream social.  Hummm, good!

Chaplain Kevin closed our meeting with a prayer at 8:40 am. 

Betsy shares:  "I have been told I have a brain like the Bermuda Triangle.  Information goes in, never to be found again!"

Have a great week!  (Thank you Betsy!)

January 20 - Tuesday, 2015

An update from Jan Mazer

Well, I made it from Tampa to NY to Amsterdam and then to Entebbe one week ago and it has been non-stop since then.  We were staying at a guest house called Maria's Place which is lovely and on top of one of the 12 hills in Kampala, the capital. 

We (a group of 12 from Indiana, Pittsburgh, PA,  Michigan, an American living in St. Croix, a mother and 17 year old daughter, husband and wife directors and founders of the program and myself) have done 3 clinics in 3 different slums where we distributed de-worming medication to 2,600 children, glasses and meds to their families.  We visited a home for the elderly, a cancer, private and government hospital for children.  We have seen tumors the size of large grapefruits on necks from thyroid disease, missing toes and fingers, extra toes and fingers, water burn victims, acid burn victims from retaliation of jealousy and so much more I can't even write.

We have distributed over $6,000 worth of medications in only one week.  I have seen babies that weigh about 2 lbs., with heads no bigger than oranges.  They don't look real!  We were given a small performance by a chorus formed by a man named Memory who does his ministry in a REALLY nasty slum area.  His teenage group is great.  We took them to another school run by the ministry and I am here with them, and they all joined together to sing, dance and play drums for us.

Yesterday we were scammed by a woman and man who claimed their son died and they were from far away, near the Kenyan border.  The woman sobbed to the point of collapse and completely fooled even our director who put out money for the funeral and transportation back home.  Satan is everywhere and we can all be taken in by his works.

As for me, I am doing pretty well.  I am having difficulty with the poor air quality in my throat and lungs.  Please keep me in prayers specifically for these two parts of my body.  I am uncertain where I will be staying when we leave here next week as most of the gang goes home.

I met my adopted son, Sam, last Sunday after church for the first time in 20 years.  He ran out of the car and grabbed me with a big bear hug, I will never forget.  We spent the day together on the beautiful mountain where the other orphanage and school of this ministry is located, out of town.  It is a wonderful pollutant free area.  "Allie", the first thing he asked me when we stopped crying and holding each other was "How is my sister Allison?"  I told everyone at day's end during our daily de-briefing that this was the second most wonderful day of my life.  First was the day Allie was born.  You will ALWAYS be my most precious gift from God!

Bye for now.
Love, Jan

(1) Jan enjoys all the little babies.  (2) Jan helps mark & label medication bags.  (3) A group at a medical clinic for treatment.

Tuesday Coffee News

Betsy Chace, reporter, photos by Al Duff

There were 82 people in attendance today.  Hugh Spinney has 50/50 tickets to sell.  Jane prepares for the morning meeting.

Our meeting was opened with prayer from Chaplain Kevin.  Even though our marvelous President Jane has a very bad cold, she still graced us with her presence.  There were 82 of us partaking of coffee and donuts today.

A 50/50 raffle to raise money for our Homeowners Corporation was held.  The winners were Grace Sherry, Wilma Jordan and Phil Albarano who each won $17.00!  The amount raised for the Corporation should help with their annual fees.

Returning residents were Rev. Ed and Lois Sensenbrenner, Lynne Butler, Alan Duff, Marty & Mary Ellen Federici, Jim & Kathy McDonald, Dick & Peggy Killinger and Ron Dick.  Welcome back folks!

There was no one present to sing Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary to today.

Charlene gave her sunshine report.

Reg Tays spoke about FMO.  There was a meeting held last Monday, January 12th and the new President and acting Vice President for district 8, Mr. Henry Curran was introduced.  The next meeting will be on Monday, February 9th at 1:30 pm here at our clubhouse with President Curran presiding.  Reg hopes there will be a large turn out.  We will need cookies from our many great bakers.

Linda Anderson announced the Ladies Tea will be held on Thursday, February 19th at 2:00 pm.  The theme is tropical, so dress accordingly.  There is no cost for OA residents.

Janice Mayette reminded us the ice cream social is this Thursday at 6:00 pm.  She is still selling tickets but today is the last day before ordering supplies. $2.50 per person.  There will be a move afterwards, titled "The Pacifier".

Judy Marian said there will be no iPad, iPhone or computer classes today because of Bob Wiskeman's memorial today in the clubhouse.  The iPhone and iPad classes will continue through the month of February, every Tuesday from 3:30 - 4:00 pm.  Computer classes will also continue as normal, every Tuesday afternoon from 4-5:00 pm.  No signup necessary.

Judy also shared an e-mail from Jan Mazer in Uganda, Africa and a few photos will be posted each Tuesday if they become available.  There is copy of the above e-mail from Jan posted on the clubhouse bulletin board and included on this website. 

John Pugh still needs volunteers to prepare and serve the Tuesday morning donuts for our coffee meetings.  No volunteers, no donuts with your coffee.  It you are considering helping out, Judy & Ed Marian will gladly help you with ordering and calculating the financials!  It is easier than being a rocket scientist!  Call John Pugh so our coffee and donuts continue to flow.  706-2538.

Barb Brown says the soup, salad and sandwich pot luck is coming up and the sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board.  Also, the "Sock Hop" Dance is Friday, February 20th with a resident DJ.  There is no cost but bring donations for the food barrel and your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Charlie Parkes once again graced us with his joke of the week!

Jim McDonald says the weather does not look promising for the beach party this coming Monday.  Hopefully, February will look better.  If the Beach Party signs are posted, see you at the Siesta Beach at 3:00 pm.

The flea market meeting on Thursday went very well and we have many helpers.  See Phil Albarano if you wish to join in. 

There has been some concern about the pool water temperature.  Please see management for the quickest response.

Jane again thanked all the coffee crew.

After this meeting, there will be a meeting of the Homeowners Corporation to elect 4 new board members.

Meeting adjourned 8:40 am.

Betsy shares an appropriate saying:  I do not have Alzheimer's!  I have "Sometimers".  Sometimes I remember and sometimes I don't!

Have a great week!  (Thanks, Betsy!)

January 13 - Tuesday, 2015

Jan Mazer departed for a 3 months mission in Uganda, Africa.  Photos were shared with me by team member Sherry Schaeffer Roberts.  I will attempt to provide additional photos every week preceding Tuesday News updates,  as new photos become available. 
Judy Marian.

Jan (left) walking through the village.  Umbrellas help provide protection from the hot sun..  Jan pumps fresh water for the children.

A young boy carries a 20 liter jug of fresh water.  Jan with a village teacher.  Many teachers have only a 3rd grade education.  Jan will be teaching the teachers too!

Some of the children from the village.  A typical outside kitchen in Uganda.

December 2014

8,000 Wreaths Across America, Sarasota National Cemetery

Photo from ABC Channel 7 Sarasota News.