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Web Site Update for 2014

This web site host and domain name is currently in my name and secured for the 2014-2016 years   Photos are posted in one size only.  Anyone attending an Orange Acres event is welcome to take photos and forward to me for possible Web posting.  If any Orange Acres resident is interested in helping with this web site,  positions are open!

Judy Marian

 As or April 7, 2014, Windows XP will longer be supported or updated by Microsoft.  Without security updates, a computer is vulnerable to attack by malware and hackers.  DO NOT PANIC. 

What TO DO:  (1) Replace Microsoft Security Essentials with an anti-virus that supports Win XP (AVG or AVAST - free) (2) Replace Internet Explorer Browser with Chrome or Firefox (currently Win XP supported) (3) Add a Router if you do not have one (Should have Built-in firewall protection)  

Judy Marian, April 4, 2014

Chaplain Kevin

Chaplain Kevin Hackett
For all spiritual needs:  1-877-322-2427 Ext 4253

The week of Nature in Orange Acres

April 15 - 19, 2014
By:  Judy Marian

The 'Blood Moon': First total lunar eclipse of the year, early Tuesday morning April 15. 
The next eclipse will occur October 8, 2014

A gator as seen along the south end of Cypress Pond Saturday morning, April 19.

April 22 - Tuesday

Sam Finley led 58 of us in prayer this morning.  There were 7 residents leaving this week.  Lois Weaverling introduced her sister-in-law Marilyn Beardsley who is visiting.  They provided the donuts today in memory of Lois's brother, Ed Beardsly and Marilyn's husband, who passed away last year.  Thank you!

We all sang Happy Birthday to Elaine Albarano.  Anniversary celebrants, Karen and Richard Rasske, were not present as they are preparing to leave this week-end.

If anyone lost a child's pink ball, it can be found at 120 Jeffrey Circle, Carol and Leo Joncas house. 

Jan Mazer informed us that Oscar Scherer State Park will have free admission in honor of Earth Day on Saturday, April 27, from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.  There will be many outdoor activities along with Kayak demonstrations, live music, food vendors, tram ride ($5.00 for adults, free under age 6), kids activities and more.  Come plant a Native Aquatic Plant at Lake Osprey!

Reminder by Marj Dunn - Bob Eastman's memorial service will be this Saturday, April 26, 11:30 am at the Community Center.

The final Bingo of the season will be this Wednesday night.  The last shuffle will be this Friday. 

There will be no beach party this month unless someone is willing to take it over!

Jane Finley and Mary Lou Lira have tickets for Windward Isles New Years Eve Extravaganza party, from 8:30 pm- 12:30am!  Tickets are $10.00 per person.

Pancake Breakfast reminder....May 6th, the first Tuesday in May.  Be sure to sign up now!

Meeting closed 8:20 am. 

April 15 - Tuesday

Mary Ryman, Betsy Chace, reporters; Hugh & Faye Spinney, photographer

Sam Finley led us in prayer this morning for 55 of us since Chaplain Kevin was away. 

A special thank you to Gary Snyder for his wonderful piano playing.

There were two more couples leaving this week.  We all gave a big hand to Dave and Linda Burrows who will be returning to New York permanently.  God Bless, good luck, we will all miss you.

Happy Birthday was sung to Faye Spinney.

Jane Finley and Mary Lou Lira already have tickets for Windward Isles New Years Eve Extravaganza party, from 8:30 pm- 12:30am!  Tickets are $10.00 per person.

Sue Morey has "The Passion of Christ" movie and if anyone is interested in viewing it, contact her to arrange a time at the Clubhouse.

Sue Morey is arranging a "three wheeler" ride this Thursday at 6:00 pm.  Only 3 wheels allowed, and all are welcome to join her for a ride around the park.  Meet at the Memorial Park, and anticipate 45 minutes of a leisurely ride. 

Reg Tays is leaving to go north next week and wants everyone to know that they can call him with any concerns or issues regarding FMO.  He shares that our membership is up 20% this year!  His phone number is in the Snowbird Directory, and anticipates returning to OA in November.

Bob Wiskeman would like anyone who has a frayed or torn American flag to please drop it off at his home, 47 Jeffrey Drive, and he will make arrangements for it's proper disposal.

Jim McDonald informed us that he will not be here to host the April beach party, as they are heading north soon.  If anyone else would like to volunteer, please let Jane Betts know.  Thanks, Jim  and Kathy, for great beach parties this season!  See you back in the fall!

The April Newsletters have finally arrived.  This is the last one for the season, the next publication will be this fall. 

Pancake Breakfast reminder....May 6th, the first Tuesday in May.  Be sure to sign up now!

Charlotte and Pauline will be hosting another Red Hat outing for May.  Don't miss out on a good time!

Mary Cowan has a craft box to give away.  If anyone is interested, stop by at 26 Jeffrey Drive.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 am.

Betsy Chace shares today's quip - "keep smiling.  It makes everyone wonder what you've been up to! " 

April 8 - Tuesday

Betsy Chace, reporter & Faye Spinney, photographer

Chaplain Kevin opened our coffee meeting with a prayer. 

This was Jane Betts first official meeting and she was given a warm welcome from 83 of us.


50/50 was held and the winners were Jim McDonald, Simone Gaulin and Jane Finley.  Congratulations to the lucky winners!

We will be losing two more residents for the summer--Marty and Mary Ellen Federici.  Have a great summer and see you back in the fall!

Happy Birthday to Betsy Chace, Shirley Tatlock and Sara Detweiler!  Happy Anniversary to Bob & Cindy Springer!

Rich McClowry informed us that there will be a lunar eclipse between next Monday night  and into Tuesday morning.  Get out your binoculars if you happen to be awake between 3-4:30 am (best viewing!)

Faye Spinney has found a set of keys at her house.  Are they yours? 

There will be a pancake breakfast the first Tuesday in May.  Sign up soon.

Only one more week to sign up as chairperson for several positions.  The 50th Anniversary Party is still open.  See Jane Betts if interested.

This Thursday, April 10, is the last day to submit news for the May Orange Acres Newsletter.  Bobbi Holden reported that the April Newsletter is in the final proof-reading stage and should be out soon.

Reverend Joe Stump will be officiating at Vespers this Sunday at 7 pm.  He needs help with setting up chairs and someone to lead the singing. 

Judy Marian has posted some information on the bulletin board (brown colored paper) regarding Microsoft & computer changes.  Take a moment to look it over and see if it involves your own computer.  Details will be the topic at today's computer class, Tuesday, 4:00 pm, at the clubhouse. 

Meeting adjourned 8:30 am

Remember....when nothing goes right...go left!! 

April 1 - Tuesday

Jane Betts, reporter

Our Tuesday began with sunshine, beautiful music and Rev. Kevin's prayer - what could be better?  91 of us showed up for tea, coffee, donuts and friendship as President Dave opened his last meeting.

The travel season has begun and seven residents are leaving this week for northern homes.

Jane Finley's guests came to coffee before their travels began.

Gary Snyder showed his musical good-sportsmanship by playing the piano as we all sang Happy Birthday to HIM!  We serenaded our two anniversary couples, Ron and Sally Gullick and Phil and Elaine Albarano.


Elaine Albarano reported that almost all the Snowbird Directories have sold.  A correction and new addresses for the Rymans and Burrows are posted on our bulletin board.

Carol Foltz thanked her co-chairs, models and all who helped make the ladies luncheon and fashion show a success.

Alice Stump modeled the "mystery hat" that was left at her home.  She would like it to be back with its owner.  Please call or see her.

Rev. Joe Stump reminded us of the need for helping hands before and after Vespers April 13, Sunday---and please attend - you'll be glad you did!

Phil Albarano unnecessarily apologized for the late coffee service -- the machines had been tampered with and slowed the process.  The coffee machines must NOT EVER be touched if you are not trained.

There is NO April 3 Potluck dinner.  If you would like to chair one in April - any Thursday - please contact Jane Betts 922-6375.

As President Dave Burrows said his farewells, he passed the gavel to Vice-President Jane Betts who will be Acting President Pro Tem through October 2014.  She thanked the Burrows and the Rymans for what they have meant to each of us and to Orange Acres - safe travels wished.

Meeting was adjourned by 8:30 am.

As the days bring changes, "Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from NOW and make a brand new ending".

Ladies Luncheon & Fashion Show
March 27 - Thursday

Lynne Butler, Photographer

There were 84 ladies enjoying the annual Ladies Luncheon and Style Show by Anthony's Ladies Apparel
held at Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club, Sarasota.

Orange Acres Models (left to right)
Judy Wilson, Carol Joncas, Linda Anderson, Paula Jacobson, Cheryl Hanenberg and Sara Detweiler.

Thanks to Chairperson, Carol Foltz (center) 
and Co-Chairpersons (left) Mary Ellen Federici and Lynne Butler.

The food and fashions were wonderful, a fun time for all.

March 25 - Tuesday

Mary Ryman, reporter
Hugh and Faye Spinney, Photographer

Our snowbirds are heading north with fewer residents in attendance each week. 
Judy Marian wishes everyone a safe journey, and wonderful summer.

There were no Birthday celebrants to sing Happy Birthday this morning, but Ed and Carol Foltz were here so we all sang Happy Anniversary!

Joan Collins, Dance chairperson for this season, was extremely happy with the number of tickets sold for the Dance on Friday evening.  There were 92 people who came to dance the night away to music by the Lynn's Spins.  This was the largest turnout on record, so the joint was jumping!  Thanks to Joan and everyone who helped make this a very successful event.

Carol Foltz reminded all ladies of the fashion show and luncheon this Thursday, March 27th at Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club.  Gathering begins 11:30 am, lunch at noon.  Tickets are available today at coffee by Carol Foltz or Lynne.  $17.00 residents, $22.00 guests.  We hope to see all the ladies there!

Jim McDonald reminded everyone of the Sunset Beach Party Monday, March 31 at 3:00 pm.  Bring your chair, snack and beverage.  We will meet between  lifeguard stands at Siesta Key Beach.  You can not miss the Orange Acres smiling face!  Hope to see everyone there as we make another sand sea creature.   

March 18 - Tuesday

Mary Ryman, reporter

Our Reverend Ed Sensenbrenner said the morning prayer for 76 of us, as Kevin was delayed in traffic with a semi-pick-up truck accident on I-75.

President David opened the meeting as we sang Happy Birthday to Linda McClowry and Sam Finley.  No Anniversary celebrants present.

Thank you from Mary Cowan to all who participated in her 90th Birthday party celebration. 


Barb Brown thanked all that helped with the Coronation of the "new royalty", Hugh and Faye Spinney.

Joan Collins reminded us of the last dance this season, Friday, March 21 from 7-10 pm.  Tickets will be sold at the door.  A new dance chairperson is needed next season, after 5 years, Joan is retiring.

Bob Springer confirmed the Eastern Caribbean Cruise is a go with 20 people already signed up for Feb 7-14, 2015.  There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board or see Bob if you have any questions.  The bus will pick up everyone here in OA since we have enough people signed up.

Jane Betts thanks everyone for attending the Planning Meeting this past Sunday.  Of our 48 total activities, only 1-2 remain open.  Thanks for all volunteers!

Lynne Butler reminded all ladies of the fashion show and luncheon March 27th at Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club.  Tickets are available at coffee by Carol Foltz or Lynne.  $17.00 residents, $22.00 guests.

Reg Tays told about the increased membership in FMO.  More still needed, so please join now if you have not already done so.

Phil Albarano announced that he and Fred St. James will do the Flea Market next year (2015) and will then retire.  Someone else will need to take over and it would be best if they see what goes on now to make the transition easy for future years.  Call Phil at 923-7427 or Fred 924-3925 with questions or how to help. 

Faye and Hugh Spinner wrote a thank you card to Orange Acres expressing their appreciation of being elected King and Queen of OA.

Shuffleboard players will have a pizza party at the community center this Friday, March 21 at 12:30 pm.

Gil Forler wants all golfers to know that April 1st will be the last day of the Tuesday mixed golf league this season.   

Regular meeting adjourned by President Dave Burrows.


Chaplain Kevin said the opening prayer and special prayers for all of those involved in the accident he encounter on the way here this morning.

President Dave Burrows opened the general meeting and introduced his current board members:  Vice President Jane Betts, Secretary Betsy Chace, Treasurer Elaine Albarano, Directors Phil Albarano, Ed Foltz, Fred St. James and Elaine Studer.

The prior meeting minutes were ready by Jane Betts, acting secretary for Betsy Chace who was out of town.  Treasurer minutes were read by Elaine Albarano.  When our year began November 1, 2013, balance was $5,383.81.  Current balance as of March 17, 2014, $9.221.53.  All committees are within budget and balance sheet looks good for the remainder of the year.  The next meeting will be with the new board, November 1, 2014.  Thanks to a great Flea Market that helps fund our numerous activities.

The new board members effective November 1, 2014:  President Jane Betts, Vice President Phil Albarano, Treasurer Elaine Albarano, Secretary Betsy Chace and Directors Ed Foltz, Bill Jacobsen, Fred St. James and Elaine Studer.

General Meeting adjourned.

March 13, 2014

Alan Duff, photographer

Congratulations Hugh and Faye Spinney, our new King and Queen

Behold the ROYAL CAKE!


The Orange Blossoms and Pitts (Buds) add melodies to memories.

Dave and Linda Burrows officially surrendered their crowns, and are now among the "defrocked".


Chairperson Barb Brown announced by her royal trumpeters Brannon and Lynne while Charlene the guardian angel presides.  Linda and Marty cover proceedings.


Skits galore include Ray with our youngest Brannon and Charley our oldest of the performers.  


Ray and Jane
Saving the Betts for last.

March 11 - Tuesday

Mary Ryman, reporter

Chaplain Kevin began the meeting with prayer for all 88 of us in attendance.  There was one guest, Alan Duff and Lynne Butler's grandson from Canada.

Mary Ryman introduced new resident Denise Bruno of 73 Loren Drive.  Mary and Harold have a golf cart for sale.

Mary Ryman requests coffee basket helpers now that Rhoda is no longer able.  Someone needs to be in charge.  Supplies are available.

There were many birthday celebrants today and we also sang "Happy Birthday" to all who will have birthdays while up north.  Same for anniversaries.

Charlene Sherman shared her Sunshine report.

Dawn and Earl Brennan were all set to come to Orange Acres but their home here sold so they will not be coming.  They wish to tell everyone how much they enjoyed their time here and will miss everyone.  They send love and good bye.

Gladys Bowman, 60A Jeffrey Drive, would like someone to please help her sell some stock.

The Men's Luncheon has been cancelled, originally scheduled March 20.


Joan Collins reminded all of the last dance this season, Friday, March 21st,  Get your tickets today or next week at Tuesday's Coffee meeting.

Jane Betts announced the Planning Meeting, this Sunday, March 16, 3:00 pm.  Bring your neighbors, helpers, a smile, and prayers.  Cookies and coffee will be served.  Hope to see everyone there.

Bill Spires reported on the 8 ball tournament and how well it went.  There will be another next year.

Jan Mazer reported that today, the final Bible Study will be at 4:00 pm, Barb Brown's house.  There is a free play at the Oslo Theatre, "Faces of Change" based on immigrants.  She has 4 extra tickets.

Barb Brown needs to borrow a few shoe boxes for the Coronation.  Rehearsal Thursday, 4 pm, Coronation 7 pm.  Come one, Come all!

Bob Springer wanted all of us to give a round of applause to Barb Brown for everything she does for Orange Acres.  Thank you, Barb!

Bob also said the Gulf Gate Golf league will end March 26th.  The week following will be a special fun event. 

Mary Ellen Federici reminded all ladies of the fashion show and luncheon March 27th at Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club.  Tickets are available at coffee.  $17.00 residents, $22.00 guests.

Linda Burrows told how good Sonny's BBQ was, and opposite the entertainment.  A chairperson is needed for next year, and it is easy.

Jim McDonald announced the Sunset Beach Party March 31, 3:00 pm at Siesta Key between yellow and red life guard stands.  Bring your beach chairs and refreshments.

Elaine and Phil Albarano have the 2014 Snowbird Directories available.  Get yours at coffee, $3.00. 

March 4-Tuesady

This morning we received word that Buster Whiterell passed away at 3am.   Buster resided at 68 Loren.  Buster and Beverly are from Webster MA. where they were at the time of his passing.  They have been at OA for many years.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Beverly and family.  If you wish to extend your sympathies their address is: 80 Point Breeze Rd Webster, MA 01570

Mary Ryman reports

President Dave Burrows opened the meeting and morning prayer by Chaplain Kevin for 100 of us.

It was State T-shirt Day this morning and the Buckeye State won...WTG Ohio !

First speaker was Jeff Warrington, he spoke to us about several scams that are going around.  Some are old and some new.  There are brochures available regarding these scams of identity theft, who to call in case of an emergency, 34 reasons for having the park sell your home.  At this time there are no houses for sale.

Linda Burrows spoke about the BBQ Thurs Mar 6th.  The only thing you have to bring is your ticket and name tag.

Pop Quiz by Jane Betts, she told how the answers to her quiz were related to the questions and it all boils down to the very important planning meeting at 3pm on March 16th.  There are 48 categories of activities in our park 12 of which do not have a chairman.  If nobody volunteers the event will no longer be offered.

Bill Spires has posted a chart as to who plays with whom for the 8 ball tournament on March 7th @ 3pm.

John Pugh is looking for doughnut (coffee) chairmen for Sept., Feb., and April next season.

Ray Tays reminded all that the FMO meeting will be Monday March 10th at 1pm at Camelot Lakes East.  That is close and we urge all are able to attend.  The speaker is a law enforcement officer who will talk about what is going on and how to handle things.

Barb Brown spoke about a spring fashion show put on by topaz and if any ladies want to go let her know.  

Barb also talked about the upcoming Coronation and of course she won't tell who the new king and queen will be.  It is March 13th at 7pm.  Please sign up so she knows how many to prepare for.  It is free, you don't have to bring anything.

Vespers will be Sunday March 9th., Ed Sensenbrenner will be preaching and Joe Stump will preach next month.

Newsletter deadline is March 10th for the April newsletter.


February 25 - Tuesday

Mary Ryman, Judy Marian, reporters

Schedule Change:  Due to lack of interest, CRAFTS has been cancelled immediately.

President Dave Burrows opened the meeting and morning prayer by Chaplain Kevin for 108 of us, the same number as last week.

Guest speaker Bob Berman and son David from Professional Insurance Systems of Florida, Inc., explained about Manufactured Home Insurance and the importance of becoming a member of the FMO.  They are still fighting to keep the legislature from taxing our rent.  If you have insurance and make improvements to your home, call to notify them.  There are over 1 million manufactured homes in Florida.  You can reach them at 5700 1st Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710 with questions or insurance quote.  Their web site is, or call the office
(800) 329-5799.

Mary Ryman introduced new resident Bill McHale who lives at 135 Shirley Drive while Caroline Turner introduced Bob and Linda Federici at 222 Jason Drive.  He is Marty Federici's brother, and the two sons inherited the home from their mother, Jeanne Miller, after she passed away.   


Theresa, from Suncoast Communities Blood Bank reminded everyone they will be here on March 11, Tuesday, from 9 - 12:00 pm.  Sign up now!  (Also posted on Future Events ).  They use 150 units every day in the Sarasota County and surrounding local area.  The blood you give here, stays here!  Things have changed and you may qualify to give now where you did not previously.  Come in and they will discuss with you.

Jane Betts gave three more answers to add to last week's Pop Quiz. (4) Count me in (5) Event (6) Oh My Yes.  Stay tuned for next week, you will get the last set of answers

Bob Springer reminded everyone the Strawberry Festival bus will leave here 9:30 am from our OA parking lot Feb. 27.  Bring your own snacks and beverage and be prompt.  They can take 1-2 more people, $72.00 per person. Price includes admission and entertainment.   Contact Bob if you are interested in attending.   

Lynne Butler reminded all the ladies of the Ladies Luncheon and Fashion Show by Anthony's on March 27th, at Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club.  Our very own Orange Acres ladies are the models.  $17.00 for residents, $22.00 for guests.  Sign up now.

Bill Spires said it is not too late to sign up for the Billiards Tournament on March 7th.  Two ladies have signed up, more are needed!

Bob Beauregard reminded everyone of the Whist party Feb. 27th at 7:00 pm.  Everyone is invited, $1.00 each, and cookie bakers are needed.

Barb Brown announced the upcoming King and Queen Coronation Thursday, March 13, 7:00 pm.  Come out and support the outgoing royalty (Dave and Linda Burrows) and welcome the incoming royalty...always a surprise.  Free to all!

Jim McDonald reported a successful Sunset Beach Party last evening with almost 40 people in attendance.  Mark your calendar for the next Sunset Beach Party, March 31, 3:00 pm. 

Rev. Joe Stump was happy to report the twin girls born prematurely 11 years ago (around one pound each) just celebrated their birthday in Alabama.  Joe and Alice went so Joe could baptize them.  What a special blessing! 

Linda and Dave Burrows are now selling BBQ tickets, $10.00 each, last day March 3rd.  Bring your appetites and see you there, Thursday,
March, 6, 6:00 pm .

Dave closed the meeting at 8:35 am with Questions and Answers about homeowners insurance directed to Bob and Dave, our guest speakers.

Judy Marian shares Quote of the Day from Saint Augustine: "Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe".


February 24, 2014, Monday
Kathy Estabrook photographer,
Peggy Killinger, reporter.


Approximately 40 residents attended Siesta Key Beach Party from 3:00 pm until sunset.

Everyone sculptured the large "OA Sea Turtle" out of sand while enjoying the beautiful view of our Sarasota setting sun. 
Jim McDonald was in charge of the Beach Party, and reminds everyone to come again next month, March 31st!  See you there!  


FEBRUARY 20, 2014 - Thursday
Fran Foust, Photographer

Linda Anderson chaired this years Ladies Tea held at our clubhouse yesterday.

Colorful masks and beads enhanced the Mardi Gras theme. 
Thanks to everyone for their help in making this a fun, enjoyable afternoon.

February 18 - Tuesday

CHANGE:  Guest speaker Bob Berman from Pimsco Insurance  Feb. 25th Coffee meetimg

Gary Snyder played the piano as 108 attendees gathered before President Dave began the meeting.  Chaplain Kevin blessed us in prayer.

Mary Ryman introduced new resident Gunnar Neilsen, 77 Jeffrey Drive.  Everyone gave him a warm OA Welcome.

Shirley Dodd was the only resident in attendance for our famous Birthday song.  No anniversary celebrants present.

Charlene gave her shining Sunshine report. 


Jane Betts, Vice President, offers answers to an upcoming pop quiz:  (1) Village (2) Hands (3) Plan. She will have additional reminders each week.  Stay tuned...

Bill Spires reminds everyone that 8 ball Billiards Tournament, March 7 is co-ed, so ladies and gentlemen, sign up now!  Barb Brown gave a challenge to all the women to sign up, as she is currently the only female and would like some company.  You do not have to be good, just come to have fun.

Barb Browns reminds everyone that the exercise classes Mon, Wed, Thurs. and Friday at 9:00 am, Tuesday's 10:00 am are for men and women!  Yes, there is a man in attendance!  Bring small hand weights if you wish, but not required.

Linda Anderson reminded the ladies of the Tea, February 20, 2:00 pm at the Clubhouse.  Mardi gras is the theme so bring your best fancy tea cup and wear a hat if you dare. 

Bob Springer announced the Strawberry Festival bus trip scheduled Feb. 27 at 9:30 am has enough people signed up so they will pick everyone up here at OA Clubhouse.  There is still enough room for 6 more people.  Call Bill Spires if interested at 740-386-7709 or Bob Springer, 1E Jeffrey Dr.

Jim McDonald reminds us of the Sunset Beach Party February 24 at 3:00 pm, Siesta Beach between  the life guard stands.  Bring your own food, drink and chairs.  We hope to make a sand sea turtle.  See you there!

Ramona Armstrong confirmed the Blood Mobile arrives OA Clubhouse March 11th, Tuesday, from 11:00 am until noon.  Sign up soon.

Mary Ellen Federici announced the Ladies Luncheon, March 27th will be held at Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club.  Anthony's will present a fashion show, cost for residents $17.00, $22.00 for guests.  Sign up now.

Reg Tays gave an FMO report encouraging all residents to join.  Your neighbors will begin distributing a brochure to everyone about the accomplishments of the FMO since 1970.

Phil Albarano thanked everyone for their donations and all helpers in our very successful Annual OA Flea Market.  Phil and Fred St. James were like Sanford & Sons all year as they hauled and gathered our many treasures.  Total profits, after all expenses paid, GRAND TOTAL $6,546.27.  Now THAT is a Flea Market!  Thanks to Phil and Elaine for a job well done.

Bobbi Holden (Mary Ryman) as Newsletter editor, asks everyone to submit articles or information to her no later than the 10th of March for April publication.  Trips, new babies,  funny events, anything that may be of interest can be submitted.  Bobbi wil help compose your story if you need help.

Dave Burrows announce tickets for the March 6th BBQ dinner are now for sale on Tuesdays before and after Coffee meeting.  $10.00 per person.


Windward Isle Dance is Friday and tickets may be purchased at the door.

Robert Berman, an insurance representative from St. Pete will soon be scheduled to speak at an upcoming coffee meeting.  He will talk 15 minutes, then meet for questions and answers in the Library after the meeting.

Dave closed the meeting by pounding the gavel 8:45 am 

Judy shares Benjamin Franklin, with President's Day yesterday:  "I will speak ill of no man and speak all the good I know of everybody".

Red Hats Luncheon

February 17, Monday, 2014 at Ophelia's Restaurant
Lorraine Labonte, Photographer




The Orange Acres Red Hat ladies met at Ophelia's for lunch to celebrate February Birthday's for:
Joan Russell, Shirley Dodd and Charlotte Cappadona.
A good time was had by all!

February 11 - Tuesday

Mary Ryman reports

Kevin gave the morning prayer after being razed by several about being there on time for a change.

110 were in attendance

Happy Birthday wishes to Rich McClowy and Anniversary wishes for Bill & Paula Jacabsen. 

Joan Collins thanks all for the dance as there were 85 present.   The last dance will be March 21st.

Ladies Tea will be Feb 20th with a Mardi Gras theme.  Bring your fancy tea cup and wear a hat if you are so inclined.

Barb Brown thanked all who helped with the soup & salad potluck.  She didn't have a committee but you all just asked if there was something to do and she gave them a job and it was done.  She is also looking for "Ham" to participate in the Coronation of the new King & Queen on March 13th.  Volunteers contact Barb @ 716/946-6765.  Like she said, "you don't have to be good just willing".

There will be a sunset beach party Monday 24th  3pm at Siesta Key between the life guard stands.  Come and leave whenever you want, bring what you want to eat and share.

Strawberry Festival needs one more couple for the bus to come to the park for pick up.  We will be seeing Shaji Tabuchi.  Get your check to Bob Springer @ 1E Jeffrey Drive.

<<<<<Flea Market>>>>>

Work starts Wed night after bingo to set up the tables.  Thursday morning coffee and donuts for workers only at 8:30am and the hauling will start by 9am.  Help is needed to unpack, sort, price and arrange.  Friday is a repeat of Thursday.  A very generous renter has donated a golf cart and new tricycle.  The price of the cart is $2000  and the tricycle is $350.  Phil Albarano will have them on display and if you are interested in either one put your bid on a paper with your name and telephone number, put in a sealed envelope and give it to Phil and nobody else.  The price starts at minimum of $1700. for the cart and $300. for the tricycle.  Friday from 3-5 Orange Acres Residents only will be allowed to shop, pay for and take home your treasures.  Your Name Tag must be worn to get in, even if you are known you MUST have your name tag.  No friends, relatives or visitors will be allowed in. 

The bloodmobile will be here March 11th. 


February 4 - Tuesday

Jane Betts, Reporter

As the fog lifted, the sunshine and Gary's Melodies flowed over the 101 early birds always ready for coffee, conversation, donuts and data.

Rev. Ed Sensenbrenner touched our hearts with his words of prayer.  Chaplain Kevin was delayed due to fog and traffic.  We'll take safe arrival anytime !!

Today there were no returned or leaving residents and no guests.  Caroline Turner introduced our newest residents, Bob & Lori Kellogg who reside at 207 Jason Drive.  We wish them a warm Orange Acres Welcome !!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Alice Stump and Happy Anniversary wishes to Ron and Marion Holsing and Ken and Joan Russell.  Our musical gift was lovingly noteworthy.

Charlene Sherman scored a touchdown with her sunshine report.

Speakers were:

Linda Burrows announced that the sale of $10.00 tickets for the March 6th Bar-B-Q will start next week.

Joan Russell had MANY THANKS for the many helpers for her wonderful work on the 50th Anniversary party.  It was a golden event for the honorees and the guests.  Many thank you cards were read.

Bill Spires announced a Billards party/tournament to be held at the clubhouse "Parlor" on Friday March 7th.....time to be announced later.  It is co-ed and cheering friends are welcomed!

Barb Brown is pleased with the large sign up for the Soup Salad Sandwich potluck this Thursday @ 6:oopm.  Plates and bowls may arrive at noon.  Help is needed Wed evening after Bingo for set-up......serving and clean-up help needed on Thursday and also for decorating Thursday morning @9:ooam.

Carol Foltz will bring Spring in "in style" as she chairs the ladies luncheon and fashion show on Mar. 27th at Stoneybrook Country Club.  Tickets are $17.00 for residents and $22.00 for guests.

Joan Collins stepped things up with the Dance reminder for this Friday.  HELP is needed Thursday evening after the potluck for table removal.

Bob and Adele Beauregard are hosting their "famous hoop-la" pre-dance party  5:pm - 6:30pm, "BYOB" and treats and dancing shoes.

Linda Anderson reminded the ladies of the Tea, Feb 20th  2pm at the clubhouse.  Please wear a hat and bring your favorite tea cup.

It is Strawberry Festival time !!! Please see Bob Springer for this Plant City activity.

Phil Albarano gave a "LAST CHANCE" call for the snow bird directory data.  Please call or you may come to their home at 108 Loren Dr.

<<<<<<<FLEA MARKET>>>>>>

Save and donate bags and newspapers for wrapping.

As of 9pm Wednesday 2/12 the club house is activities, no pool, no computer use, no "browsing!"  Safety, time, STUFF and workers have precedence.  First work begins Wed 2/12 9pm after is Thursday 2/13 @ 8am  and then the Flea Market on Saturday.   OA residents may view and purchase items on 2/14 from 4 - 5pm and Saturday from 8am - 3pm.


Vespers this Sunday @ 7pm with Rev Ed

Windward Isle Flea market is Saturday 2/8/14

FMO meeting 2/10/14.  Please call Reg Tays for details. (922-9852)


Jeff Warrington will speak to us at the end of the month regarding the new road in the pasture which has caused concern.  It's prime/only use is to be for emergency vehicles.

We were released by Pres. Dave back to the Sunshine at 8:55am.

Thought for the day------ "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do!"


January 31 - Friday

50th Anniversary Party

A Beautiful Celebration for our 4 couples:
(left) Linda & Dave Burrows
Ruth & Don Hostetler
Herb & Janice Mayette
Sandra & Bill Spires

A fun time was had as many Orange Acres friends, family and neighbors celebrated 200 years of marital bliss.  Reverend Stump officiated with his patented style of droll humor and religiosity.  Cake was cut and served and a spirited receiving line followed.  Thanks to Joan Russell and her many dedicated volunteers who made the evening a success.

January 28 - Tuesday

Jane Betts, Reporter & Photos by Dwight Holden

Things began to perk up this morning for 98 of us as Gary's music, laughter and conversation filled the clubhouse.  In Kevin's absence due to Hwy I-75, our Rev. Joe Stump stirred things up with a story and meaningful prayer for us all.

On the menu, 4 returned residents, 4 departing residents and 1 guest.  There was a list read of a latte birthday and anniversary celebrants but none were in attendance.  "HAPPY" anyway!

Charlene's report -as always - added Sunshine to the brew.


Jan Mazer reminded us of the Bible Study, Thursday, January 30 at 10:00 am.  A tip - NO charge due to a book change!

Mary Ryman announced a need for yarn at next Tuesday's Craft meeting at 1:00 pm.  She also asked for help in our effort to have a timely newsletter.  Our mugs were raised to Bobbi Holden who will accept ALL news brought to her by the 20th of each month - NO LATER!

Barb Brown strongly suggested that MEN might want to join the exercise classes:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 9:00 am and Tuesday's at 10:00 am.  She also reminded us of the soup/salad/sandwich potluck on Thursday, February 6 at 6:00 pm.  Please check with her as soups and salads are needed - - and sign up.

Joan Russell, who is chairing the anniversary Party this Friday, January 31 at 7:00 pm, asked that the four honored couples arrive at 6:30 pm in the library for photos.  Also, those that have agreed to set up - - a reminder -- Thursday at 6:30 pm and decorators - Friday at 9:30 am.---see you then!  The daily grind is lessened by many hands!

Phil Albarano added flavor to the day --- Flea Market storage is FULL!!! If you need a pick-up, let him know and it will be done on February 13.  EVERYONE, please save and bring newspapers and bags to the clubhouse on February 13 - - needed for wrapping.

*******Last Chance for directory data this week.  If you haven't already, please see Elaine to check that all your information is correct!


Dave and Linda Burrows are chief "chefs" for our March 6th potluck -- Sonny's Bar-B-Q!! Tickets for $10.00 are now on sale and a tasty time is promised.  Just bring your appetite!

Shuffle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:00 pm is the place to be.  Sure to be grounds for enjoyment!!

A brief Homeowners Corporation meeting was held and candidates Marge Phelan and Ed Marian were elected.  President Reuel Detweiler presided.


Reuel Detweiler, President, (left) Marge Phelan, Ray Bergeron & Ed Marian.

It was a good-to-the-last-drop kind of morning and President Dave adjourned us at 8:45 am so we could go drink in the warm sunshine!

Jane reminds us of Emerson's words, "Serve and you shall be served"!

With a smile---here's to you!!!!!                                       

January 21 - Tuesday

Jane Betts, reporter & Photos by Dwight Holden

Great Gary music, great sun-rise colored skies, great friends - PLUS coffee and donuts!  What a perfect way for the 85 of us to weather the early morning.

With a light tapping of the gavel and no long-winded speech, Dave opened the meeting.

Chaplain Kevin's prayer for us followed a reminder of Martin Luther King with a meaningful quote:  "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Four residents followed the sun back to us, no one is leaving for the cold and Gladys Moore's guest, Sheila Blog, was warmly welcomed.

We have two new - resident couples.  Newly-weds, Dale and Dave Matthews at 75 Loren Drive (left) were presented by Caroline Turner and Alice and Dan Callahan at 62 Jeffrey Drive (right) were introduced by Mary Ryman.  We forecast happy relaxed Orange Acres living!


Sunshine was all around us as Charlene gave her report -- tempered with a high degree of BRONCO love!!!


Reg Tays, our FMO representative, shared meeting news and a plea for help in raising our membership --
-PLEASE call or see him if you can devote a few free minutes.

Jan Mazer thanked Barb Brown and all who helped with the Christmas party while she was dealing with foot surgery.  Also, many thanks to friends, neighbors, greeters and card senders. 
There is a sign up sheet for her new Bible study group which begins Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 10:00 am.   A $15.00 charge will cover the book and seven week study of David.

Phil Albarano had several sign-up reminders re: the Flea Market:
1.  baked goods needed
2.  truck-loaders and un-loaders
3.  setting up and pricing
4.  see Mary Ryman for posters to be put in shop windows.

Snowbird Directory -- please check your information for correctness and tell non-coffee goers, friends and neighbors to see Phil or Elaine at 108 Loren Drive to check their data -- ASAP!!

Sara Detweiler gave a very informative look into what happens to our Flea market rummage -- it may have started in NY or MI or Canada and end up in our shoppers' homes or at The Attic or even Haiti!!!


TWO big don't forgets: (1) Ice-cream Social this Thursday, January 21 at 6:00 pm with movie at 7:00 pm. 
                                         Must sign up - Now!  $2.50 ticket.  Movie free if you do not eat the ice cream!
                                    (2) Next Tuesday after coffee hour is the Orange Acres Home Owner's Corporation meeting
                                         Two directors will be elected - selected candidates are Marge Phelan and Ed Marian.  Please be present.

And with an element of warmth and relief, President Dave adjourned us at 8:45 am!

Jane reminds us that as you weather life's storms, "The world always looks brighter from behind a smile" 

January 14 - Tuesday

Jane Betts, reporter

This morning, Gary's warm notes and the kitchen's wonderful aromas set the mood for an excellent pancake and sausage breakfast.  All 98 of us gratefully enjoyed it!

President Dave opened the meeting and Chaplain Kevin poured words of prayer, care and praise over us all.

On the menu were three returned residents -- glad you're back, two leaving -- hurry back and seven guests--Welcome and come back!

We served up sweet musical Best Wishes to two birthday celebrants and one anniversary couple.  (Our singing is always the frosting on the cake!)

Charlene's words we're savored as she laced our morning with news of friends and neighbors.


Mary Ryman reported on a successful FMO meeting held in our club house yesterday.  This group is beneficial to us all.  Mary needs many helpers and your membership -- see her!  She thanked all who helped us be the host.

Barb Brown is pleased (read excited) to have great entertainment for our February 6 Soup Salad, Sandwich dinner party.  Sign up soon.

Bob Beauregard reminded us of the Whist party this Thursday at 7:00 pm.  ALL WELCOME!

Reuel Detweiler hopes all wll be at coffee hour January 28 at 8:00 am.  Included will be a vote on Director candidates for our Orange Acres Home Owner's Corporation.

Joan Russell reminds all of the LOVE celebration January31 at 7:00 pm - 50th Anniversary Party!

Mike Delaney gave a wonderful-to-hear on their daughter's remarkable recovery process.  Doreen is now in rehab and Mike and Jean are feeling truly blessed.


Please enjoy Gil Forrler's beautiful photographic display in the library.  His talent will treat your eye and may be purchased.

Ice Cream Social reminder -- January 23 at 6:00 pm.  Sign up for a fun evening - a Sundae and a movie!

Thanks to our great chiefs and helpers, Audrey Young, Grace Sherry, Joan Worden, Elaine Studer, Mary Lou Lira and Dwight Holden.  All happy taste buds are very grateful.

---and we are adjourned at 8:30 to the sound of promised rain.---

Food for thought from Jane:  "Always do right-this will gratify some and astonish the rest!" -- and the topping---"The good you do comes back to you"!

January 7, 2014 - Tuesday

Jane Betts reporter

On this cold Winter morning, Gary musically warmed 72 of Orange Acres' weather ignorers, coffee lovers,  friend finders and fact followers!

President Dave Burrows is "under-the-weather", so his VP, Jane Betts opened the meeting and Chaplain Kevin offered warm words of praise and prayer to start our day properly.

Judy Marian presented a very informative program on the meanings of "sell by dates" and how "fresh is fresh" dates and other good facts for  health and happy!  All information was warmly received.  Thank you!

We had a sunny WELCOME for 11 returned residents.  There were no guests, no new residents and nobody leaving.

Musical birthday greetings were warmly received by Ruth Hostetler, Joan Worden and our very special VP Jane Betts.

Charlene Sherman brought hot-off-the-press news of our friends and neighbors--see Sunshine report!


Linda Burrows presented news of the March pot luck and received a positive response.  She and Dave will bring us Sonny's Bar-B-Q and entertainment on March 6 at 6:00 pm for $10.00 per person.

Bob Beauregard reminded us of the Whist part on January 16, Thursday, at 7:00 pm.  All welcome.

Mary Ryman wants: (1) good attendance at the FMO meeting on January 13, Monday, 1:00 pm, our clubhouse; (2) cookies for that meeting; (3) a REP helper - call her; (4) all to know that your $22.00 annual dues will give access to facts for Florida home owners!

Joan Russell is chairman of our 50th anniversary party and is grateful for all her helpers.  We will honor four couples on January 31 at 7:00 pm.  Please sign up for attendance and bring your cards of congratulations on that night.

Reuel Detweiler, rep for Homeowners Corporation, announced the annual meeting on January 28 (Change your calendar, originally scheduled Jan. 21)  immediate following coffee.  There will be a reminder of that meeting at your door soon.

Barb Brown served up warm welcome news re: Feb Pot Luck--Soup, Salad, Sandwiches!  Posters are coming--sign up now!

Phil Albarano reported a successful Christmas re-sell table.  Thank you, Anlee Welker.  Important reminder - 9:30 am Thursday, January 9--Flea Market agenda - Everyone come!  Please check your data with Phil or Elaine for upcoming new Snow Bird Directory.


Pancake Breakfast next Tuesday, January 14th at 7:30 am--be sure you are signed up and bring $2.50

Vesper Service this Sunday at 7:00 pm.  Rev. Joe Stump will lead us.  There will be a remembrance of residents who have passed.  Help is needed Saturday at 1:00 pm to set up chairs.

A warm thought for all from Jane--"People are in greater need of our praise when they try and fail, than when they try and succeed.  Praise is just letting off a little esteem!"