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New Web Master -Elaine Albarano

Orange Acres will have a new Website - coming in August, 2015

May 19, 2015

Chaplain Kevin

Chaplain Kevin Hackett
For all spiritual needs:  1-877-322-2427 Ext 4253

Tuesday Coffee News May 19

Betsy Chace, reporter

The tables for our meeting are back to a U-shape which means we are now in "Summer mode"!

Chaplain Kevin opened with a prayer for 28 of us this morning.

Amo Kimball said goodbye and is on her way back to Maine.

Phil Albarano spoke to us about the Orange Acres Website.  Yesterday, the Resident's Association Board met with a woman who will develop a new and updated website for us.  She gave us a demonstration of how it will look and run and we we were all very impressed with the simplicity of it.  The cost is $1,800.00 and she will provide help with any problems or "glitches" we may run into for the first 6 months.  We should be up and running by the middle of August.  Elaine Albarano will be our new webmaster.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Phil or Elaine.

There will be no Memorial Day Observation this Saturday as originally scheduled.  We will combine this with the Veterans Day Observance.  Remember you can always visit the National Cemetery for their ceremony.

Ramona Armstrong is our new Orange Acres Observer Chairperson.  She will gather information from different people and set up the format for printing.  Thank you Ramona.

Thank you to all who set up the tables, the coffee crew and donut crew.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 am

Quote by Pennye Harper:  I have a spell checker, it came with my PC; It plainly marks four my revue mistakes I cannot sea.  I've run these notes threw it, I'm sure your please too no, its letter perfect in it's weight, My checker tolled me sew!

Have a great weak!  Oops week!

Tuesday Coffee News May 12

Betsy Chace, reporter

Chaplain Kevin opened our meeting with a prayer for 34 of us this morning.

Even though Phil Albarano is back with us,  Lee and Caroline turner and Dave and Pauline Pittman will be leaving us this week.  We are dwindling down fast!!

Happy Birthday was sung to Pauline Jacobsen and Phil Albarano.  There was no one present for Anniversaries,

President Jane visited Gladys Bowman at Brookdale and she thanked everyone for the lovely card.  She welcomes visitors!

Eleanor Thoresen will be returning to Orange Acres.  She has been in rehab for 8 weeks!  Harold and Mary Ryman have left Florida and are now in Michigan awaiting their furniture in order to move in to an assisted living facility there and be closer to their daughter.

Welcome back to Gary and a big thank you for his musical talents, also thank you to the donut crew and Betsy who keeps us all up to date by her notes that get put on our website.

Reminder:  The clubhouse will be closed all day Friday the 15th for the Warrington's pre-wedding dinner.

We almost forgot but Charlie Parkes did send us off with his joke for the week!

The meeting closed at 8:20 am

Safe travels and a good week to all!